Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving Holiday 2011 is history.

It's a little difficult to destroy the carefully arranged centerpiece and pack away the fall colors so quickly.  But the rush is on to prepare for Christmas, so no time to dally. 

As I disassembled the mantle,

I wondered if a cleaner, more simple display would not have worked just as well.
I thought the same thing about the food.  Fewer desserts next year might not be a bad idea.  Left over dessert is really testing the will power.

These cute little acorns I saw on pinterest, however, deserve an encore.

The cranberry salad is a long standing family tradition and I'm in favor of a double batch next year.  There was just not quite enough left over.

The apricot sweet potatoes were prepared by my sister, Marg.  They will both be welcomed back next Thanksgiving.

The brussel sprouts were a risky new addition to this year's menu.  They were meant as nod to healthy eating...sort of an absolution of gluttony.

By now all thoughts of pumpkin orange have turned to thoughts of Christmas red.  Well, maybe not everyone thinks of decorating for Christmas in red.

This year I'm going for silver and bluish green.  Ah, that's a post for another day.  But for now, I think it's time to warm up some turkey and dressing.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to those who read and to those who follow Zoom In.  I am grateful to each and every one who checks in to see my projects.

It would be no fun at all to post about them if no one was reading my blog.

And when followers take the time to weigh in with comments, I am even more grateful.  Feedback is fuel for the next project and the next post.

Friends and family will soon gather at this table to share our appreciation of each other.  I want to take this opportunity to appreciate all who share a common interest with me in blogland.

 Blogging has been a wonderful outlet for me this year and I am grateful for the fun, the new friends, and for the experience of learning a new medium.

So, once again, many thanks.

As those present join hands around this table to ask God's blessing, I will include you in that request.

May your Thanksgiving Day be everything you want it to be.

Blessings, my friends.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tulip Chair Revival

This is one of a pair of chairs that I have had for probably 20 years.  My daughter used them in her apartment for awhile but when she got married they came back to me.  I thought I had some "ugly" pictures when the chairs were a mess but turns out I didn't.  So the picture you see here is after they have been cleaned up and are ready for paint.  I snapped this in the painting booth at the automotive shop where I took them to be painted.  The base is metal and I had painted that myself when my daughter was using them.  But because the top is molded plastic I wanted to be sure the paint would hold up.  I thought automotive paint would be more durable even though it is quite abit more expensive.  Then there's the fact that it's not a DIY least not one I wanted to try.  So the cost of reviving these chairs started to grow.

Anyway, here they are after a professional paint application.
As long as I was having them painted, I thought it should be something showy.  Do you think I achieved that?  The color I chose is from the 1980's collection of Mercedes Benz colors. It is called Mimosa yellow but actually looks green to me.

You can see the little bolts in the seat that attach the seat to the base but that's not a problem.  They are meant to have a padded cushion so that will be covered.

This is the bottom side of the cushion I had covered when my daughter was using them.  I picked out new fabric before selecting the chair color.

So, you see now why I chose the color I did.  I thought about the bluish/teal color but when it comes down to the final decision, I go with green over blue every time.

Now the final step is using this fabric to cover the cushion.  Because the paisley was a little pricey, I elected to do the underside in a dark brown. I have that fabric draped on the right but it's a little hard to see.  Looks black you say?  I thought so too when I purchased the paisley fabric under fluorescent lights. Imagine my surprise when I looked at it again when I got in the car.  Too late.  I had signed an agreement before I left the store that there were no returns.  In this case, not a big deal although I would have preferred it to be black.  I am generally pretty careful about seeing the fabric in natural light but I was so convinced it was black that it never crossed my mind it might be some other color.  Live and Learn!

Here they are with chair cushions in place.

This is probably the true color of the chair in this shot.  There is a lot of yellow in this paint but they still read green to me.

One more shot in indirect light.  This again is the more accurate shade.  I am now looking forward to finding the right spot for them and working them into the room.  (That could be another post.)

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