Monday, November 5, 2018

In between the BEFORE and the AFTER

If anyone is wondering when I am going to post the after shots of the new bathroom, the answer is: after it is finished.  I really can't predict that with any certainty.

It turned out to be a really smart move to install a temporary shower in the basement.  I have been using it for over a month now and I anticipate another couple weeks of showering in the wide open spaces.

There was a lot involved in tearing out the existing shower and the wall behind it.

  Then came the moving of the plumbing and the drain.

FYI for those interested, this is the new plumbing, just waiting to be put back to use.

This shows the drain that was moved from the right side to the center.  The floor of the shower leveled for the shower base and, where the shower used to stick out into the room.  That, of course, needs to be filled in as well.  The new tile will go over the existing tile because removing it would add a lot of time to demo and restoration.

That was followed by framing for the hall bump out that gave the bathroom a few inches of much needed space. (oops, missed getting a picture of the framing.)

 Of course there was drywall, mudding, sanding and priming on both the bump out and the left shower wall. (Actually this picture was taken after the first coat of paint as well.)

That left shower wall originally went all the way up to the ceiling.  Since it is only door height now, there was patch work to do on the ceiling too.

Over the weekend, while things were quiet, I decided to degloss and prime the windows.

They still need to be painted and the hardware put back on, but it's one more step forward.

INSERT (one week later, I finished painting the window trim.)

Somewhere along the line, Dan got tired of the 25 watt chandelier bulbs and replace them with some serious contractor lighting.  That will not be a permanent change.

I bought new handles to raise and lower the windows. The old ones seemed a little country for the new look.

A few things happened this week that made a big visual impact.  First of all the tile was laid and grouted.

And secondly, the walls were painted with the first coat of Ellie Gray, a Sherwin Williams color.

This left shower wall was moved about 4" to the right of it's original position, so a piece of wood trim had to be added on the right side of the door.  That was one more thing I primed and painted this weekend. (Only primed in this shot.)

Still debating the right color for the radiator and the shelf that goes below the windows.

I thought I could use a color I had on hand called Newsprint.  However, it turned out to be a little darker than I wanted.

So, tomorrow I will get a quart of Peppercorn and paint it again.  That's the new color on top of the, soon to be, old color.

I debated all weekend about the wall color too.

I added some white to the Ellie Gray and painted it on the wall of the shower on the right side of the white line. After some deliberation, I decided to keep it the full strength color on the left side of the line.  Some might consder it over-thinking.  I think of it more as thinking it over. Very carefully, I might add.  To me it's all in the details and time spent getting the details right makes all the difference in the finished look.

FYI, I am still trying to figure out the Canva program.  This looks perfectly fine in the editing process but when I publish it has the white background.  Since I have spent all the time my patience will allow trying to make it go away, I am going to ask you to ignore it.  So much for getting the details right!

Monday, October 8, 2018

My Choices Are Made

I will be jumping between the two-family project and my own personal bathroom project for the next few weeks as they are going on simultaneously. Yes, I know, Glutton for Punishment!  It's just the way it happened to work out.

So, just to clarify, these are some of the materials planned for my bathroom remodel.

This is the floor tile and was the first finish selected for the room.  I debated between this one and

Love the mustard/gray tile and it went well with my toile curtains, a fabric I LOVE, but this tile is a little over 1/2 inch thick and the cost was about three times the other tile.  Those two things were enough to rule it out.  

I was fortunate to find a 4" x 16" solid tile that works beautifully with this tile.  I plan to use it as a base tile rather than a wood baseboard..
I think that white streak is just a reflection.  It's a little hard to see here, so check it out below.

Now it's a matter of picking a grout color and the floor is settled.

I have ordered the shower and do have a small sample I can show you.  There will only be seams in the corners and where the base meets the walls.  I thought about tile but I really like the idea of no grout lines with this patterned floor tile.

The shower choice is the white onyx material right in the center of the photo.  The color is Icicle. There is a very teeny sparkle scattered randomly throughout and, although it looks solid white, it is equal amounts of a light gray blended with the white.
On a whim I dropped into Anatol's to check out fabric for curtains.  And as is usually the case I found something I really like. (sample above)  It's skimming the edge of being too much with the floor tile but I think it's going to work.  I like a little tension vs playing it safe when it comes to fabric.  They only had one yard in stock so that's on order.  I'll show you the full pattern when it arrives.

I was a little slow finishing this post and the fabric arrived in time to insert it here.
That allowed me to settle on a color for the walls.  I debated on a contrasting color for the walls especially after the new Farrow and Ball color chart arrived in the mail.

But, I talked myself into a more classic look and choose SW 7650 Ellie Gray with SW 6252 Ice Cube for the wood trim on the windows and the door. It's such a small bathroom that I want a seamless look.

Because I'm used to a pedestal sink, I don't want to crowd the room with a vanity.  So I chose one from Ikea that measures 39 1/2" wide and 19" deep.
I'm looking forward to having counter space on either side of the sink...something I didn't have with the pedestal.  I thought I could download a picture from their site but I didn't have much luck with that.  Guess that will have to wait until it is installed.

The faucets and shower head are pretty simple too.  This is one item that takes a chunk out of the budget no matter now simple.

On order for the sink.

On order for the shower.

AND, just as I was about to publish this post, I was informed it will take at least one day's labor to demo the existing tile and backerboard.  Seems it was installed as recommended and will be a bear to remove.  Because the new tile is slightly less than a quarter inch thick, we can apply it over the existing tile.  That could not have happened had I opted for the mustard and gray tile.  Guess that's my silver lining.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Double Up

There was no break between the finishing of the restaurant and jumping into the next renovation.  I needed a break, but I felt this two-family needed me more.  I have a soft spot for a mess of a house with potential, and this one certainly qualified.

This is a spacious two-family that was in a little worse shape than shows here.  Truthfully I didn't take enough pictures early on.  I think I was too overwhelmed by the chaos, and zeroing in on specifics was too depressing.  SO, off we go from here which is about the first time I've been able to catch my breath knowing we have stopped the bleeding.

I can't call this is a backyard yet, but there have been some changes.

A retaining well to separate the parking pad from what will be a yard is now finished.

Because the property next door is owned by a family member, we extended the retaining wall and the parking pad across that property too.

Next came the sidewalk.

Then the parking pad and a new chain link fence.

While this was going on the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC was being wrapped up inside.
There were some do-overs involved and a couple new subcontractors brought in do things correctly.  The general contractor was also replaced.  You get the idea.  We'll leave it at that.

Tuckpointing of the entire outside of the building is progressing at a snail's pace.  

It's a crew of two so I'm cutting them some slack, but all that red dust is a bit of a pain.

In the meantime, I have been working on some of the interior details.

There is some nice hardware on the pocket doors.  Most of it is painted so I took on the job of removing the paint.  

This is what the regular door plates look like.

Below are the exterior plates for the front doors.  The top one is before the vinegar soak.

There's some serious work to do on  the front doors before the hardware can be put back.


These are in various stages of cleaning.

I searched for some automobile paint that complimented the color I have planned for the doors.

It's called Chrysler Bright Platinum.

Ordering all the light fixtures for both floors has been a fun but time consuming job.

Second floor lights currently being stored on my back porch.

And first floor lighting also on my back porch.

You'll have to wait for the reveal.  I'm just relieved this part is over.  It's great to have the opportunity to choose and coordinate the fixtures, but dealing with back orders and discontinued items, and deliveries is the shadow side of this chore.

Speaking of issues with lighting...I found the perfect small fixture for the four corners of the beamed ceiling in the dining room, only to discover they sold out the day before I placed the entire order.  Not only was it sold out but it had been discontinued.  After a pouting period I started the search for a replacement.  That didn't take long as fixtures that size are very limited.  I did find some through Home Depot that were the right size but only available in chrome.

That left me with no other option than to paint them.  I sanded the chrome and taped off the socket before I sprayed them a burnished gold.  Above is the test job before I did the other three.  However, in the process of taping I discovered the large ring around the socket that holds the glass globe in place was missing on one of the fixtures.  See what I mean?  It's this kind of stuff that takes some of the fun out of the job.  But, long story short, I ordered another one, removed the ring, and returned the fixture all with the blessing of Home Depot.

There are only four of fixtures above, so that takes care of one floor.

I am hoping to refurbish the original fixtures for the other floor.  Between the two floors there were seven in various states of disrepair.  I found new globes to fit the fixtures as all the original globes were long gone.  It remains to be seen how this project comes out.  

To simplify things a bit, the kitchens on both floors will have the same cabinets, floor tile, counters and blacksplash.

The floor tile is 12"x 24", the backsplash is a subway in glass, and the countertops will be Wilsonart laminate.

Both laundry room floors and bathroom floors will have this tile.

The 2" x 2" dark gray tile will be the shower base and the light gray, shown in opposite corners, is an 8" x 8" for the shower walls.

By the next post I should be able to show some of this tile in place and hopefully progress in a few other areas.