Thursday, December 20, 2018

Bathroom Reveal

December 19, 2018 marked the completion of the bathroom remodel.  There are always unforeseen delays and often a little drama involved in any rehab.  This one was no exception.  Without going into great detail, I will note a couple of things that fall into that category.  I purchased the shower door and arranged for the company to do the measuring and installation.  

Somehow something went wrong and the hinges did not line up with the cuts in the glass.  So that delayed things an entire week while a new door was cut and then installed.

It is in place now and working fine, but that was not without a little more drama.

After a couple showers I noticed a wet spot on my kitchen ceiling and immediately called Dan to let him know that the shower must be leaking.  I dreaded even making the call as I knew it would be a big deal to fix.  I also knew it would be the last thing Dan wanted to hear.  After breaking the bad news, I told him "no rush" as he had other jobs waiting.  I would go back to showering in the basement.  This story does have a happy ending.  One week later Dan arrives to tackle the problem.  Turns out it was not the shower that was leaking but rather the toilet in the adjoining bathroom.

These are the kind of delays you can't predict but should absolutely be prepared to take in stride.  They happen more often than not.
I will get to the photos, but first a few details about the process.

I found this nicely framed print at a resale shop, but the gold frame was not want I wanted and the slightly cream colored mat was not going to work either.  So, everything had to be torn apart and lots of staples had to be removed.  I painted both the frame and the mat and reassembled the parts.

This suits the colors in the bathroom and, IMO, makes the print look better too.

Just to refresh your memory, this is what it looked like before the windows were repainted white, the shelf was replaced with a slightly thicker piece of wood with a rounded edge, and the curtains were switched for another toile pattern in grays and white.

The radiator went from cream to peppercorn.

 After a few tries, I found towel hooks I liked.  These were mounted on large rectangles of reclaimed lumber. (really awful) I bought these plaques at Home Depot, painted them in a shiny silver on the rim and a satin gray on the fronts.

Dan attached the hooks to the plaques and mounted them on the wall.

You can get a glimpse of the vanity in the shot above.

Here is the full shot showing two large drawers that I love.  Remember, the old sink was a pedestal with no storage.

All the doorknobs and backplates in my house are original (1902) and the detail is exquisite. 

I gave this one a coat of automotive paint to freshen it and tint it to complement the colors of the bathroom.

You may have noticed in some of the photos that the ceiling light was also replaced.

Enough on the details.  I will show a few shots from a distance.  Just keep in mind, it's still a small bathroom so there is no such thing as getting the entire room in one picture.

One thing changed after this picture was taken.  The outlet to the left of the vanity was switched out for a GFI and a cover plate was added.  I would retake pictures but it's a dreary day today...not great for pictures.

I am grateful for all the hard work that went into creating this space.  Thanks Dan.

And thanks, Nathan and Gabriel, for the squeegee that will keep my shower looking great for years to come. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Pushing for Progress

Doesn't it seem like so much goes into getting a project to a point where someone else can see results.  It always looks so much worse before it starts to look better and that's where we are now.  Take the front porch for example.

Sadly this seems to be the only picture I have of the porch before the work on it started.

I did get a shot of the west side of the porch.

Check out those shifting bricks from the inside.

A little straightening to do here.  I wish I would have raised the camera to take in the column on this corner.  You could literally look straight through from one side to the other because the mortar was completely GONE!

The roof of the porch is now propped up and the columns have been dismantled.  Wish I had been there to see that.  I am sure they were able to just lift them off one by one.

The dismantling continues.

 We had a few sunny days up to this point and then it turned rainy, cold and overcast.

But the guys worked through the weather and in short time the porch was back together.  Obviously still much more work to do to the entry but that wont't happen until spring.

We can now see some progress on the inside as well.

One of the laundry rooms has gone from this....
to this...

to this.

The bathrooms are moving along too.

The shower base is going in and, yes, that tile is identical to the laundry tile.

And, NO!, that's not the selected color for this room...just the water proofing.

 The kitchen looked a lot worse than this for way too long.

This is the view from kitchen looking towards the laundry and out to the hallway on the left.

This is the view from the hallway looking int the kitchen.  The wide opening to the kitchen is now trimmed out and looks so much better.

Cabinets are in, tile is down, and the counter tops are on order.

The new closet for the bedroom got off to a rough start but that's history now.

After several false starts it's moving in the right direction.

Originally there was a door between the bedroom and the dining room. That opening will be closed since the closet is now on the other side of the wall.

That opening is now closed but connecting the picture rail across the gap is under advisement at this time.
The beamed ceiling is getting some needed repairs 

There are 25 doors in need of hinges, doorknobs and backplates.  
As you know from a previous post, I have been working on cleaning the original hardware and painting some of it.

Much to my dismay, that job is on going.

It's a messy and time consuming job but it means a lot to me to see that it goes back into the house where it belongs.

Stay tuned for updates.  The pictures should get prettier from here on.

Monday, November 5, 2018

In between the BEFORE and the AFTER

If anyone is wondering when I am going to post the after shots of the new bathroom, the answer is: after it is finished.  I really can't predict that with any certainty.

It turned out to be a really smart move to install a temporary shower in the basement.  I have been using it for over a month now and I anticipate another couple weeks of showering in the wide open spaces.

There was a lot involved in tearing out the existing shower and the wall behind it.

  Then came the moving of the plumbing and the drain.

FYI for those interested, this is the new plumbing, just waiting to be put back to use.

This shows the drain that was moved from the right side to the center.  The floor of the shower leveled for the shower base and, where the shower used to stick out into the room.  That, of course, needs to be filled in as well.  The new tile will go over the existing tile because removing it would add a lot of time to demo and restoration.

That was followed by framing for the hall bump out that gave the bathroom a few inches of much needed space. (oops, missed getting a picture of the framing.)

 Of course there was drywall, mudding, sanding and priming on both the bump out and the left shower wall. (Actually this picture was taken after the first coat of paint as well.)

That left shower wall originally went all the way up to the ceiling.  Since it is only door height now, there was patch work to do on the ceiling too.

Over the weekend, while things were quiet, I decided to degloss and prime the windows.

They still need to be painted and the hardware put back on, but it's one more step forward.

INSERT (one week later, I finished painting the window trim.)

Somewhere along the line, Dan got tired of the 25 watt chandelier bulbs and replace them with some serious contractor lighting.  That will not be a permanent change.

I bought new handles to raise and lower the windows. The old ones seemed a little country for the new look.

A few things happened this week that made a big visual impact.  First of all the tile was laid and grouted.

And secondly, the walls were painted with the first coat of Ellie Gray, a Sherwin Williams color.

This left shower wall was moved about 4" to the right of it's original position, so a piece of wood trim had to be added on the right side of the door.  That was one more thing I primed and painted this weekend. (Only primed in this shot.)

Still debating the right color for the radiator and the shelf that goes below the windows.

I thought I could use a color I had on hand called Newsprint.  However, it turned out to be a little darker than I wanted.

So, tomorrow I will get a quart of Peppercorn and paint it again.  That's the new color on top of the, soon to be, old color.

I debated all weekend about the wall color too.

I added some white to the Ellie Gray and painted it on the wall of the shower on the right side of the white line. After some deliberation, I decided to keep it the full strength color on the left side of the line.  Some might consder it over-thinking.  I think of it more as thinking it over. Very carefully, I might add.  To me it's all in the details and time spent getting the details right makes all the difference in the finished look.

FYI, I am still trying to figure out the Canva program.  This looks perfectly fine in the editing process but when I publish it has the white background.  Since I have spent all the time my patience will allow trying to make it go away, I am going to ask you to ignore it.  So much for getting the details right!