Monday, September 9, 2019

Tracking the Progress

Because of the Labor Day holiday, this is the beginning of a four day work week.  There is much to be done so let's see what happens day by day.

We didn't get off to a great start.  This beauty of a tub spout was not compatible with the rough-in. It had to be packaged up and returned.

Another selection has been made and is on order.  The guys put this on hold and moved on to the next thing on the list.

 The floor tile was down and just needed grout so that came next,

The walls needed that final touch up and the baseboards are cut and in place.

This opening now has...

 a stainless steel niche for soap and shampoo (still sporting the protective cover.)  And,yes, a functioning toilet,

The vanity area is progressing too.

Vanity, sink and faucets, but not running water, yet.

Switches and covers are also in place.

This light fixture was a bit of a pistol to install but Dan persisted.  Note the exhaust fan and light over the tub/shower are also in place.

 The backsplash tile required some math, measuring and masterful cutting to prepare for installation.

Almost there.

And here you have it.  Not grouted yet but you can't tell from this shot.

Still debating whether to use the drawer pulls that came with the vanity.  I'm waiting for a few more things to be installed before I decide if chrome is the way to go.

The mirrors went up but the light above them gave us some trouble.  Still waiting to resolve that.

I found this dental cabinet at one of my favorite antique shops.  I'm hoping to use it...

here!  Right now it's back in the garage undergoing a makeover.  More on that in another post.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Wait Is Over

Finally some action on the bathroom renovation.  A past due bathtub delivery forced work on the bathroom to a standstill.  A tub that was to arrive in 2-3 weeks took 6 weeks and 2 days to arrive.  But, we are now back on track.

It fits!  That's a good start.

 Still plenty to do before the tile work begins.

Now that the tub is in place it will have to be protected as they work above it.  Seems backward but that's how they do it.

Sealer, not my wall color or a crime scene.

And, here we go.  Anyone pick up on the fact this is not the layout I had planned?

This layout was trashed when Ron realized the width of four of these tiles was more than the length of one tile,  Thus, no chance of using the herringbone design.  Bummers.  Tried to find an alternative tile and finally came to the conclusion that a different pattern would be the best answer,.

Staying flexible is a survival technique when it comes to rehab.

I decided to lighten up the wall color and change the grout color for the shower tile after seeing the tile in the room en masse.

I know the wall color does not ring true on the screen.  It is SW 7635 Palisade.

Meanwhile Dan continued working on what was the exterior door that opened onto the second story deck and what will soon be the entrance to the closet space.

This will be how it looks from the outside for awhile.  I will have an entire post on this just as soon as we finalize the plans.  Right now, I'm door shopping and the architect is working out the structural concerns.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Behind The Scenes

There is always so much that has to happen in a rehab that can't be documented as easily as progress photos or before and after shots.
 Hours are spent selecting tile, choosing the perfect wall color, and

even figuring out what shade of grout will make that tile sing.

Then comes weighing in on the best pattern for tile layout.

The internet is invaluable when searching for light fixtures, but it can also take you down the rabbit hole with the thousands of choices.

This one is actually as long as it looks--48 inches.  Hopefully it looks good in place. (I know, weird looking.  It's upside down in this picture.)

Speaking of getting lost scrolling through products on line, I got sidetracked for hours on one site that had 27,877 shower curtains. SERIOUSLY!!  It's easy to lose focus,

Then there are faucets and shower heads to think about.

A personal preference item might be the mirrors, but there is more to consider than the shape or whether or not they are framed.  Size matters relative to the vanity, the lights, the backsplash and even the outlets.  I considered one large mirror behind the vanity and also two rectangles but in the end this one won out. Why?  Because two of these fit perfectly above the vanity and they added an interesting element.  I was having trouble finding mirrors that could be centered over my sinks.  The sinks are close to the end of the vanity so any frame pushed the mirror off center.  Bottom line:  Two of these from World Market seemed to fit the criteria and so the hunt ended..

This shot might help to understand the mirror dilemma. Because the vanity sets in an alcove, there is no fudge room on the mirrors.

This is the semi-assembled vanity from Ikea.  Might look white but it's really a light gray. It comes with drawer pulls but I'm considering searching for something different.  That's a decsion for down the road.

I haven't talked about a bathtub or toilet but those both require some research as well.  The tub has been on order for four weeks and is scheduled to ship today.  It's holding up the job a bit but the guys are doing their best to work on other things until it arrives.  The toilet will be off the shelf at the big box store so no big planning on that one. But speaking of the bathtub, I do have the this to show you.

It's the chrome shower niche for shampoo and soap. Hart to tell with the wrap still on it, but wanted you to know it's one more item decorating my living room until it is needed.

That covers a good deal of the behind-the-scenes process, but there will be more.  Some small things like towel and toilet paper holders and some big things like a new door that leads to the deck.  I'm postponing the door transition aspects of this job for future posts.  We don't even know what we are doing yet.

WELL, I held up this post until today because....the tub kept being delayed, the contractors pulled off the job and have been gone for over 2 weeks.  With each new DOA I got my hopes up only to be disappointed again and again.  What started out as a 2-3 week wait for the tub turned into 44 days.  I received word today it is here and awaiting pick up. I'm closing this post, packing up my frustration and starting a new chapter.  Check back to see the new push forward and a bathroom becoming a reality.