Sunday, January 27, 2013

A 180 Turn From the Last Post

In the last post I talked about my silver tray display on the west wall of the dining room.
I am still tweaking the opposite wall but I'll show you where it stands as of today.

Obviously I moved the table to get a direct shot of this side of the room.

I had extra trays and coffee pots after completing the west wall, so I decided to use them here.

It ties in with the glitz of the hearth and surround. 

I covered the existing tiles on this fireplace with the mirror mosaic years ago and I'm still happy with the look.  It was a big project because all the mirrored pieces had to be snipped one by one. I have enjoyed the look for many years so it was worth it.

The candles I found at an estate sale.  The mirror came from a yard sale.  It does have a pretty frame that needs some repair.  I tried it here without the frame and decided to keep it that way.

The artwork is from a charity resale shop.

This was how I found it.  I wasn't crazy about the frame and the mat was discolored in spots.

Sometimes the framed art at this shop is very reasonable.  I had to pay a little more for this one. I googled the artist but was unable to find anything.  If anyone has information on M. Wernick, I would love to hear it.

I painted the mat with a creamy white.

Next I painted the frame black.

It now works better with my colors and I think it did need to be freshened up.

In the next post I will cover another piece of art on the north wall.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thrifty Wall Display

I have planned for some time to make a wall display using silver platters and bowls.

 I saw a few collages on Pinterest.

I pinned them to my "wall decor" board for future reference.

Then I started collecting my own silver pieces from thrift shops and resale stores.

 I played around with the arrangement a bit.

I also measured the space I wanted to cover on the wall and made sure I had enough pieces to fill that space in the best way.

Next came the job of polishing the pieces.  I had gotten a tip from one of the volunteers at a charity resale shop.  She told me the only thing to use is Simichrome Polish.  She was right.  The piece on the right looked worse than the one on the left.  What looks like tarnish is actually the reflection of the chandelier hanging above the table.  Some of the pieces had a few marks that were not coming out with any kind of polish but that is part of the upcycling charm.

This was the chosen location for the collage.  Now I just had to figure out how to hang them.  I bought a wide strip of Velcro at Hobby Lobby and also some Command Strips from Lowe's.  The Command strips were made to hold 16 lbs. so I used those for the really heavy pieces and Velcro for the rest.

I started at the bottom and hung a vertical row directly up the center of my designated space.  I did use a level and marked a few spots to keep from veering off center.  I also marked center on the trays to help me follow the line up the wall.

That all went well.  I left it overnight to test the adhesive before I continued.  I wanted to branch out on the sides of this center line but eyeballing that part was really the best way to go.  I currently have not mastered bilocating so I wasn't able to stand back and press them in place at the same time.  So, again, I called on my brother for help.  He held them in place and I called out the directions.

 I think we did a splendid job.  The tray on the bottom left has a rim on the back that holds it away from the wall so my brother drilled a little hole in the rim, attached a piece of wire and hung it with a picture hook.

The next step was to accessorize the buffet top. Because I also had a small stash of silver teapots and pitchers I thought they would create a continuous line from vertical to horizontal surfaces.  I didn't photo document the process so the following are all "after" shots.

I wanted a little pink accent on this side of the room and this is it.  By the way, that is my houndstooth rug reflecting in the base of the pitcher and that red column next to it?....yea, that would be my reflection.

The flowers seemed like just the thing to draw out the pinkish color in the drawers of the buffet.

 I do have two chairs with pink seats so I'm spreading that love around the room. (I'll show those another time.)

I feel obligated to full disclosure regarding my tray display.  After a couple of days four pieces have popped loose and fallen off the wall.  They were not the heaviest pieces so I ruled that out as probable cause.  They have all been the ones attached with Velcro so I am now attaching one side of the Velcro to the wall and letting that set for awhile before I attach the silver.  So far so good.  None have fallen in the middle of the night either, so for that I'm grateful.

It's so nice to finally pull into play some of the items I have been collecting.

That takes care of the west wall.  My next post will show the east wall which also includes a little reflective silver.  I'm hoping these don't tarnish quickly.  Polishing silver is only fun for the first couple pieces.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Journey of Four Little Chairs

In retrospect I wonder why I just had to have these chairs.  I knew they needed work when I bought them, I just didn't realize that meant weeks in intensive care.

 In my defense, they don't look too bad here, do they?

 You would have fallen for them too, right?

Beautiful lines...who could resist?

I started by removing the upholstery.

Not only nail heads, but lots and lots of staples.

And then more staples that were holding the foam in place.

Once my hands recovered from pulling staples, I was ready to examine the chairs for structural defects.

The curved parts had put too much stress on the dry wood and they had started to pull apart.

With only four clamps in my arsenal, this took awhile.

The feet had taken a beating and there wasn't much I could do to bring them back to the original tapered lovliness.
I added glide pegs and hoped that would be enough to halt the deterioration.

Next came a coat of primer and this is how they stayed for months.  Since I was planning to move, I didn't want to be premature with the selection of fabric or the color I chose to paint them.

Once I decided to take my house off the market, I was free to select the fabric.
I chose this for the seats and the inside back.  I opted to go with a double welt piping instead of nail heads.  It's not that I don't like that look but this is a little more streamlined and, I might add, less expensive.

I wanted something different on the  outside backs and it took me quite awhile to settle on something.
  I finally selected an alphabet style I liked from The Stencil Library.  If you are searching for stencils, I highly recommend The Stencil Library.  These people are a delight to work with and go above and beyond to help you with your selection.  I may have mentioned this in another post but it bears repeating.

I used the first and middle initial of one of my grandchildren on each chair.

Four chairs and four grandchildren made that come out just right. Three of them have the middle initial of M and I was also able to use the letter A twice so that meant only purchasing 5 letters total.

 Because some letters were wider than others I had to play around with the arrangement.  It turns out that it looked better to stagger the girls names from high to low and the boys names from low to high.  I think it just makes it more interesting as well.

 I tried to give the chairs personality without being too bold.  This room has a dramatic houndstooth rug so a little restraint was in order.

I tend towards the colorful, and the sometimes flamboyant in my decorating, so I need to rein that in on occasion.  You'll have a better sense of what I'm referring to as I show you more of this room in future posts.

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