Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mulberry Cobbler

One of the reasons I love my neighborhood is because I have such great neighbors!  A day or two ago I talked to one of them as he was walking on his way to pick mulberries from a tree close by.  I told him how I used to do that barefooted when I was little, and how stained the bottom of my feet would be when I finished.  I was preschool age then, so, too short to reach the branches and too young to climb a ladder.  The tree belonged to a neighbor who would shake the mulberries onto a tarp and my older brother and younger sister and I would alternate between placing them in our containers and our mouths.

A few minutes ago my doorbell rang and there stood Wes with warm mulberry cobbler straight from the oven.

It was as if he knew the thought had popped into my head several times to find that tree myself.  And...his grandmother's recipe, no less!  I suppose it goes without saying, it was divine.  Random acts of kindness are the best!  Rest assured I will be paying it forward.

And for those who might question the cut embroidered white napkin....heavens no, I did not use it. I learned at a young age how mulberries stain.  It just seemed like the right nostalgic touch for the picture.  Thanks for the trip back in time, Wes.

Friday, June 6, 2014

A Simple Fix

My good friend, Sally, spent a few days with me last week.  She arrived with a van full of little surprises. A tenant had left behind many things too lovely to discard, and Sally shared many of them with me. One of those items was this framed print.

It was very nicely framed with a triple mat that worked with the print, but, no so much with the colors in my house.  The bottom right corner had a water stain on the top mat as well.

I took off the backing and removed the mats.  Because they were sealed together, I had to cover the inner mats so that I could paint the most exposed brown mat.

I chose a gray color I had on hand because I used a lot of different grays with my last round of decorating and I thought this would make the whole thing work better in my house.

While I had it apart, I also touched up a few scratches on the print with colored markers.

The hardest part was getting it back into the frame but I managed.  Now I just have to decide where it will hang.

Here again is the BEFORE

and AFTER!

I am quite pleased with the tweaking on this lovely piece of art.