Sunday, April 26, 2015

Doin' the Two-Step

We've all done that dance.  A-one, a-two, backslide one.  A-one, a-two, backslide one.  It's normally referred to as two steps forward, one step back.  And that's not dancing, that's called frustrating.  But, even at the pace of two steps forward and one step back, we are still making progress.  The appliances arrived.  Well sort of...

Refrigerator, check.

Stove, check.

Dishwasher, OOPS.  It was damaged in shipping and the appliance store let me know it would take a few extra days to get another one. Those few extra days turned into twelve.

Finally, it was delivered ....with the backside dented and damaged through to the tub!!!  Another one has been ordered.  Dan was able to use this one as a place holder so that this row of cabinets could be set and the proper filler strip constructed against the wall on the right.

Yes, some of the cabinets arrived and as you saw above, two of them are in place.  More on that later.

This week the pantry cabinet arrived too. It was the two steps forward we all needed.

It fit perfectly!  Dan will be making a shelf for over the refrigerator and applying the toe kick and....I was able to ....

relieve an over crowded dining room of a few items.

 I did pitch one item. Can't remember when I last used this anyway.

My daughter will be rolling her eyes when she  sees the expiration date.

Oh, and one more thing.  Here's the backslide that follows those two steps forward.

  I got an email this week saying the faucet I want is now available.  I was elated only to be quickly deflated.  It is available, true, in polished brass, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze.  How cruel is that?  No polished nickel??  Really??  I was told it has been discontinued.  I have contacted the manufacturer begging them to find one somewhere, and I have checked every other source I can think of.  Finding this identical faucet somewhere would put the dip in the end of dance.

PS: Just received an email from the company.  It's not a graceful dip but at least we are still dancing.  They are looking at 90 days away due to production delay.  That's not the same as discontinued, so at this point there is still hope.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Where are We?

Seems like forever since I posted the progress on the kitchen.  There's a good reason for that.  The sanding, staining, and sealing of the floor took an entire week!!  The details of all that I've put behind me, but I will show a few self-explanatory pictures.



                                            and IN BETWEEN

That took care of one week.  This week everything is in a holding pattern.  No one here working but me.  One of the things I have been working on is finding a kitchen faucet.  I have been trying to convince myself to give up on the one I want because it is back ordered until June.  However, every time I say I'm going to order a different one, I don't.  

I had to give up on choice #1 because the spout did not reach far enough into the sink.
So this is my second choice....the one that is not available until June.

This is the option that is available.  It costs approximately the same as the other one but there are a couple things I don't like about it.  The first thing is that block in the very center and the second thing that bothers me are the handles.  The handles on the one above are sleeker and don't have that little sphere on the tips.  In general, it's just too busy.

Back burner on this decision for a few more days!

I did however, accomplish something this week.  You know that metal piece, 3' x 3', that I bought from Craig's List?

 This is how it looked when I bought it.

 Here it is as I applied the primer to the left side.

Here it is with a coat of gray paint.  Sorry the color escapes me and it's pouring rain so I don't want to go out to the studio to refresh my memory and get soaking wet in the process.

I added a darker paint and stippled it.  Then I added some more of the lighter paint and blotted it with a plastic garbage bag.  Next I added an even darker paint and washed some of it off with the hose.  this was the result.

Then I mixed some rottenstone into the wax and applied it with a round brush.  Lastly I polished it with a soft rag.  I'm happy with the way it looks but remember, it's the ONLY thing in the room right now!

Here is the original again so you can compare the two.