Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Other Half

If you read the previous post, you saw the table where half my guests will be seated for Thanksgiving dinner.  Now let me show you where the other half will have their meal.
Because the dining room has a fireplace,
I chose the foyer so the rest of my guests could be seated next to a fireplace as well.
I used the red toile dishes in this room because they worked well with the rest of the décor.
The napkin rings with the orange and red seeds have been previously used for a another Thanksgiving feast with lime green napkins.  This time red worked best with the centerpiece.
All the flowers for this arrangement were 80 % off at Michael’s.  I added a few cones made from the yellowed pages of an old book.  The container comes from Hobby Lobby.  It is a wooden box with slated sides and a handle.  Purchased it at for 1/2 the original price.  I lined it with burlap and arranged the flowers in desert floral foam.
Look closely and you will see the red water glass blending into the arrangement.
More books and pinecones tie this table décor to the one in the dining room.  Because I felt like the reddish orange candles did not stand out against the brownish red of the books….
I covered them in a strip of gift wrap and tied it with twine.  Then to personalize this table I added the scrabble tiles.
Each place setting gets one tile.  The table of 10 then has to form a word with all ten letters.  I will reveal the word later in this blog so if any of my guests are following my blog, they will be one up on the other guests.
Actually, I think I should just reveal the letters and let all of you figure out the word.  They are: P,N,C,A,O,C,I,R,O,U.
While you work on that I’ll continue to show you more pictures of the room.
The front door already had a wreath that fit the color scheme so no work there.
I did change out the display on this table.
I just removed the candles from the holders and added a few fall leaves.
The white candles on the mantle seemed a little stark.
So I gave them a little burlap robe with a button and twine tie.
I captured the protruding corners of the tablecloth with a piece of twine and a couple pinecones.
I will have to get more pictures with the candles burning. What was I thinking?  It is hard to remember everything.  That’s why I start early with the table decorations.  I like getting my pictures before the guests arrive. 
At least there is time for retakes if necessary.

Have you unscrambled the letters yet?  It definitely is a Thanksgiving item but you did not see a single one in this blog.  My final clue is:  The word ends in “A”.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Split Seating

As I mentioned earlier, I am expecting about 20 for Thanksgiving dinner so I am setting one table in the dining room and another in the foyer.
Because the dishes on each table are different I focused on the reds and oranges of Fall on one table and the browns and golds on the other one.
Let’s take a look in the dining room first.
These dishes were the starting point.  To pull in the Autumn colors I picked up some dessert plates at Pier 1.  They were purchased with bonus coupons so that was a guilt free purchase.
013   025014028-1
There were four designs and I purchased two of each.  Then I found complementary dessert plates at World Market and used them alternately on the table.
I found pillar candles at Hobby Lobby in the same golden color as the plates.  They were 50% off in the rush to clear the shelves for Christmas.  Everything else was something I had or could pick up for free…like pinecones.
The books were something I had folded for another occasion. 
The easels are something I use often in my table settings.  This year I typed up quotes I found on gratitude.  I mounted them on brown paper and stuck them to the ceramic easel, attached a coppery leaf and scattered them around the table.
Old books work nicely to build up a little height for small items like the acorn ornaments.
I have some jeweled pears that I purchased at an “after Christmas” sale so I tucked those here and there.
On the right edge of this picture you can see parts of two ball jars in the greenish blue color.  I picked up three of these at a yard sale earlier this fall.  I have a huge stash of gold buttons so I poured some in each jar and added them to the table. They pulled the border color of the plates into the centerpiece design quite nicely.
The 3rd jar ended up on it’s side at the other end of the table.

A shot from the other end of the table where I used some of the same items in a slightly different arrangement.
The highest point of the center arrangement is the footed covered bowl.  I filled it with pinecones and added a jeweled butterfly clip and ribbon flower.
I love the mix of the rough natural pine cones with the sparkles, the glass, and the flowing ribbon.
016-2   023-1
The details are really the fun part for me.
011-2  027-1
This is where 12 of my guests will enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner.  I will show the table for the remaining guests in my next post.

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Give Thanks

One of the blogs I follow was giving a few holiday decorating tips. I saw something there I liked and decided to give it a try.  I would love to give the proper credit for the actual item as, I do believe, it was for sale.  I have just spend 30 minutes trying to find it again thinking the whole time I knew right where I saw it.  How many times have I thought that and then spent hours searching?
Well, the truth is, I copied it and I would love to credit the person who gave me the idea but I’ll have to settle for saying “Thank you” right here.  I don’t suspect that person will ever know I copied it or that I thanked them, but now my conscience is clear.
So, on with it.  It is a simple pennant banner.
I cut the pennants from burlap.  Rather than hem them, I used Fray Check. It was a lot quicker and gave the banner a more casual look. 
I traced the letters and filled them in with permanent marker. 
I turned back the top edge after laying a piece of twine in the fold.  While keeping the edges of each pennant close together, I ran a seam across all the pennants.
It was a quick project and the mistakes were easily remedied.  I did trace one letter on backwards but was able to salvage the pennant by flipping it over and tracing it again on the reverse side.
It bridges the gap between my garden lights and my wreath.
Hopefully the weather will hold out and we can enjoy appetizers on the back porch.

What’s on the menu?

You may remember I recently posted this menu board as one of my resale shop finds.
Well, with Thanksgiving on the horizon, I started giving some thought as to how to use it for the occasion.  I know the entire menu won’t fit here even if I write small.  In fact, I don’t think I can fit the dessert menu here. (We like our desserts and we especially like a variety.)  I know one of them is going to be pumpkin cheesecake and that’s two lines right there.
So I decided to go for a drawing of a turkey instead.  Now, I’m not a freehand, whip-it-out in two seconds drawer.  In fact, I’m more of a tracer.
First I needed a picture.  My inclination is to search through coloring books or newspaper ads.  I’m giving my age away here.  Thank goodness for suggestions from the younger generation.  My daughter typed in on her laptop.   Hit images and searched for cartoon turkey. 
A few seconds later I had my drawing.
I stapled a piece of newspaper to the back and rubbed chalk on the newspaper.
Then all I had to do was lay it on the chalkboard and trace the lines.  It left a few smudges that wiped away easily with a wet paper towel.
I have not worked with chalk since grade school so there was a relearning curve that will be helpful the next time I try this.  A couple of things I figured out:  Sometimes white chalk lines are not the best for tracing the drawing.  A more subtle color might cover more easily.  Also, a q-tip works fairly well for smudging the color and removing unwanted smears.
   021                                                         I printed the words out on the computer and traced those too.  I don’t freehand when I can find another way.
There are lessons I learned and things I would change but not this time.  I have a long list of things to accomplish before Nov. 25th.  Stay tuned.  I hope to show you those as I finish them.


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