Friday, December 30, 2011

Cafe Mochi Expansion

I have been sitting on this post for a really long time and there is still one thing left to finish but...I don't want to leave this hanging into the New Year so I'm publishing now even though there is still a wall that needs stencilling.

Back in April I showed some before pictures of the "soon-to-be" expanded restaurant called Cafe Mochi.  As with any project this size, there are some surprises and delays along the way.  Soon-to-be, turns into, when-the-hell are we going to be finished?  But, I am happy to announce, we are nearing completion.

The original restaurant occupied the new construction which was completed about two years ago.(the part of the building that extends from the back of the property out to the sidewalk.)  Gaining additional seating required expanding into the first floor of the original structure and coverting about 3/4 of the first floor to more table space.

This is where the stairs now break through from the restaurant into the older part of the building.

The bench seat was moved upstairs.  This area now accomodates the stairs and a round table.

These two pictures show the space at the top of the stairs.  The big window overlooks the front patio.  This space now looks like this.

The bench seat that was at the bottom of the stairs was expanded in the middle to fill this space.  The window that was divided with a 9 pane window on one end is now one solid energy efficient window.  Sunscreen shades are on order for this window as well.

These pictures show one side of the west side of the room. The french door was replaced with one door and a sidelight.  The long wall to the right of the door all the way to the soffit area was designated as a very long bench seating area.

This area is now seating for 10-12 people.  The short wall on the right of this shot was added.  It forms one side of the little transition area that shields the bathroom entrance from the dining area.

The blue tarp covers the section of the wall that was removed for the new stairs. The white door is the entrance to the bathroom.

This shot shows how a box was built out to provide a private entrance to the restroom.  The stairs are on the far side of this box.  A wide stripe was painted on two sides of the box and continues on the inside back wall across the bathroom door.
This picture shows how the stripe wraps around the box and extends over the stairway.  A niche was built into the wall to accomodate the decorative wall decor.
Although not show here the rail on the stairway has now been stained plum to match the wall stripe.

This corner of the room is to the left of  what used to be the french doors.  As I mentioned in the April post, a door to another room and a window on the back of the building were covered over.

That section was also given a wall bench as well as a free standing table and chairs. (The back wall of this section will receive the stencil treatment.)

The mirror and side sconces give that corner a little glitz.

The one spot not yet discussed is the wall opposite the bathroom.  This was a tricky area to deal with because it is the only way to get from the top of the stairs to the back seating areas.  By building the box around the restroom entrance we narrowed that space even more.  To complicate it further, we needed to add a waiter's station on this wall.

Once the station and soda machine were in place, we still had to add an undercounter refrigerator.  Then a glass shelf was customized to hold glasses and finally a mirror was cut to cover the wall from the shelf to the ceiling.  A beautiful chandelier was hung over one end of the counter.

Miraculously everything fell into place.

And we now have a fully functioning addition just when colder weather is pushing the patio patrons inside for the Winter.

This shot shows the grid pattern of the tile floor.

A bonus in annexing this space for the restaurant was that there was already an existing deck on the back that allowed for more dining al fresco.

The deck was stained charcoal.
Chairs, tables, and umbrellas were all that was needed for lovely garden dining.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's a winner!!

Thanks to all who voted for the Bed Spring Christmas Tree.  You were all part of making it the winner.  I appreciate the time you took navigating the voting process.

It is exciting to have won the prize money and also very encouraging to read your comments.


Robyn Story announced it on her blog this morning along with the comments that helped my entry to win.  You can read those comments here.  My post about the tree was titled "Creative Challenge" and was posted Dec. 13, 2011 on my blog, Zoom In.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Votes needed for Bed Spring Tree

I was just reminded that I need to post voting information for the contest I entered.  My entry is the Bed Spring Christmas Tree that I posted about here.

To vote for this entry go to the link listed below and follow the directions for voting.  IMPORTANT:  Voting ends Monday Dec. 26th.  Hopefully after all the festivities of Christmas are over and in between carrying torn paper and boxes to the trash, you will find a few minutes to cast your vote.

Thanks for voting!

Happy Holidays

I want to take the opportunity to wish my followers a joyous holiday.  Relax and take in the festive atmosphere for soon you will be packing away all those ornaments, garlands, and decorative holiday finery.  And so, from my house to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Just for the record, this is what my house looks like for Christmas 2011.

I switched out the shades on the chandelier from burnt orange to silver.  I had some in black so I sprayed them silver for the season.

The paper around the candle holder was faded so I rewrapped them in silver and turquoise from a wallpaper book I had on hand.

 I just realized my pictures are a little on the dark side so I started searching for better ones.  I'll insert one here.

I added a few ornaments and called it complete.

White candles and glass holders was all the fire box needed.

I kept the mantel really simple with three white pillar candles and a little silver sparkle at the bases.

Symmetry defined the buffet with silver bells, and matching sprays of white twigs and turquoise sprigs.

The mercury glass containers have been used over and over again throughout this year.  The reindeer ornament was from an after Christmas sale a couple years ago.

The table itself was decided by things I already had.  Dishes in teal and winter white, silver chargers, matching napkins and some glittery napkin rings all complemented the silver and turquoise decorations.

Glittery Christmas trees from last year were held standing by a white votive light.  The silver ball at the top of the stem on the goblets picked up reflective sparkle as well.

Nothing elaborate on the center of the table allows for eye contact and lively conversation.  I don't always follow that rule but I did this time.

I wish I had a really good picture of my tree but it's hard to capture it's true sparkle.  I have wanted a silver tree for some time so when I saw this one at a nursery I snatched it up.  It was the last day of a "going out of business/retiring sale" and I bought it for $25.  It was originally marked $349.  

Several of the light strands were not working so I removed all the lights.  (not an easy feat but I won't go into the time and misery involved.  I'm putting that behind me.)

I liked it in turquoise and silver with a few crystal dangling ornaments but...

I put it up before Thanksgiving so by the time December came, I was ready for another color.

So I inserted a little lime green here and there.

Sticking with those colors, I added just a bit of decoration to the living room.

This candleir over the coffee table begs to be dolled up and it is an easy way to change the room for the season.

This seemed to be just enough for this room.

A window vignette in white...

was a nod to Christmas for this corner of the kitchen.

And just a little addition to the year round display.

And that is it for 2011.  May all your desires manifest in 2012.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The challenge is Contagious

In my last post I detailed my entry in Robyn Story's contest to create a holiday decoration from a found object.  I enlisted my brother's help with some of the mechanics of constructing my entry and guess what happened to him....he caught the fever.  The brainstorming bug just couldn't be squelched and he came up with his own entry.

His starting point is this old bucket from a wheelbarrow he received as a Christmas gift many, many years ago.  It was slated  for the dump until Dan got the idea to recycle it for the contest.

He also had an old pair of skis he thought he might use some day.  Are you getting the picture?  See the piece of wood held in place by the wood block? 

He weighted this piece down to form it into an arc and attached a piece to each ski.

Another block of wood was cut to form the support for the bucket and the sleigh that it was to become started to take shape.

Dan's wife got involved too.  She painted the inside of the bucket black and the outside a nice holiday red.

The runners were done up in black and white to make them stand out against the snow.  But, we haven't had any snow yet so Dan staged an area in his garage for pictures.

Toys and presents were packed into the sleigh and it was ready for take off.

Santa will soon be on his way.

It's a beautiful starry night for a ride through the sky.

This entry will need your votes so stay tuned for further instructions on how to do that.

I am linking to :  No Minimalist Here