Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The challenge is Contagious

In my last post I detailed my entry in Robyn Story's contest to create a holiday decoration from a found object.  I enlisted my brother's help with some of the mechanics of constructing my entry and guess what happened to him....he caught the fever.  The brainstorming bug just couldn't be squelched and he came up with his own entry.

His starting point is this old bucket from a wheelbarrow he received as a Christmas gift many, many years ago.  It was slated  for the dump until Dan got the idea to recycle it for the contest.

He also had an old pair of skis he thought he might use some day.  Are you getting the picture?  See the piece of wood held in place by the wood block? 

He weighted this piece down to form it into an arc and attached a piece to each ski.

Another block of wood was cut to form the support for the bucket and the sleigh that it was to become started to take shape.

Dan's wife got involved too.  She painted the inside of the bucket black and the outside a nice holiday red.

The runners were done up in black and white to make them stand out against the snow.  But, we haven't had any snow yet so Dan staged an area in his garage for pictures.

Toys and presents were packed into the sleigh and it was ready for take off.

Santa will soon be on his way.

It's a beautiful starry night for a ride through the sky.

This entry will need your votes so stay tuned for further instructions on how to do that.

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  1. You and Danny have been very busy and very creative.

  2. The tree is very unique and put together!
    And that sleigh! It sings "Jingle Bells"!