Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Folding Screens (part two)

I explained how I aquired two folding screens in a previous post.  Since I was housebound this week with a terrible cold and bronchitis I used those few minutes each day that I felt like doing anything to work on one screen.

I checked my fabric stash and found a piece that could work.
The reverse side was pretty too.  Since the fabric was slightly shear I decided to use two panels for each frame.  That meant they could not be gathered because I would not have  enough fabric for that.  I rather liked seeing the entire pattern flat anyway.  (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.  I have to find uses for fabric I already have.  And since I was not leaving the house, this was my best option.)

I wasn't kidding about making this piece of fabric work.

This was my waste and that was because the fabric had been cut at a slight angle.

This seems like a pretty straight forward job and I suppose it should have been.
But under the weather as I still am, it was a huge effort.

So here is the screen before.  Simple cotton fabric with a turned back pocket at the top and bottom.  I do like the shirred on look but not this time. (If you remember, I bought two of these so I will have a second chance at it.)

Here it is from one side.

And here it is from the other side.

My plan was to leave the wood in it's natural state but the more I looked at it the more I realized the natural state was pretty shabby.   So I got out the spray primer and in about 5 minutes it was primed.

I did do a little sanding first but parts of the frame were so rough that sanding it smooth would have taken away too much of the delicate frame.  A good coating of paint would smooth some of this out.

Which brings me to my next dilemma.  I knew approximately what color I wanted this to be but we all know the choices in spray paint.  Don't you wonder who decides the colors for spray cans.  I think it is someone moonlighting from their day job at the Highway Dept....Division of road signs and stripping.  What I started out to say here is that I was forced to paint the frame with a brush which took WAY longer than spraying would have.

The point of this endeavor was to have a backdrop for photos and I think it is going to work well for that.

The color I used on the frame was Satchel (SW).

Here it is on the flip side.

So, all in all, I achieved my purpose.  It allows me to set up for a photo without being concerned about the background. (You wouldn't believe the mess hiding behind this screen.)  I'm looking forward to doing the second one very differently. 

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Showcase Table Showcased

What a nice surprise!

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My showcase table was highlighted on Very Merry Vintage Style.

                                                              Thanks, Mary.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From the Shadows to the Showcase.

  • I've talked before about projects on the back burner.  Today I'm talking about a project that was so far back it fell behind the stove.  Actually this table was not invisible.  It was just one of those pieces that became a part of the landscape in which a skimpy coat of primer was somehow acceptable.

When I purchased this table it was painted in an array of bright colors.  A dealer on antique row told me he aquired it from Mexico.  I immediately slapped a coat of primer over the blues, yellows, and reds.  Then I found a place for it in my house until I could find time to finish the job.

The carving was distracting enough that most people assumed I intended for it to be white.  Over time it was moved from room to room and floor to floor and it seemed to be "working" out ok.

Last week, a friend of 20 years, asked me if I would consider letting her use this table in a room she is decorating for the 2011 Decorator Showhouse.  Let me just mention that I had this table before I ever met this friend, so it has been waiting for a really long time to come into it's glory.  How could I refuse?

I took it to the studio and applied a white base coat. (Sherwin Williams Toque White) Getting in and around all the carving took  quite some time.  It was obvious I was not that careful when I applied the primer all those years ago.

Then I coated it with  Martin Senour Budding Rose.  I had added some whiting to the paint to make it more chalky.  My intention was to rub back the pink to expose LOTS of white.  Normally I distress by wiping off paint before it completely dries in areas where I want to expose the layer beneath.  But this time I decided to sand it back after it had dried overnight.  Not my smartest move.

I tried several sanding methods and none of them were working.  My knuckles were raw and I came to the conclusion that my idea of an almost white table with light pink in the grooves was no longer a possibilty.  So now, what do I do with the pink elephant?  I believe this is where Plan B comes into play and the joke is, there is no Plan B.  The question became, "How do you disguise a pink elephant?

You paint it gray, of course.  Sensuous Gray to be specific.  This time I did not give the paint time to dry before I removed some of it with a wet rag.

  I exhaled that sigh of relief that comes when you pull a piece from the brink of disaster.  Now the piece was gaining character!

Some flyspecking in a charcoal color and the base was completed.

Now for the top.

I had planned to follow the directions from this book for a marbelized top.

It is a pattern called Norwegian Rose.  That was prior to the change in course discussed above.

Now I had to rethink the top.  It seemed like the base and top would be fighting for attention with this one.  So I decided on a more mottled marble that drifts without much definition.

This is how it looked after 5 hours of basecoating, sealing, sanding, sealing, and feathering on three colors of glaze.  Then came a rest while it dried. There was time for me to decide if I wanted to seal it again and do the optional step of adding another color or two.

Here it is with a little pink added to pull the base and top together.

It has now been delivered to the showcase house.  You can see pictures of the room in progress here.  The countdown is on.  Opening day is Oct. 15th.   A link to basic information about the tour can be found on Vicki Dreste's post.

Just in case you can't make it to the Showcase House, I'll slip in one picture of this table in place.  The accessories will be added just in time for the opening party on Friday. 

I visited the Showcase house when all was in place and although the lighting was limited, I am adding a couple shots.

Because of the lighting, the true color of the table does not come across in this shot.

Hopefully this gives you the flavor of Vicki Dreste's room.  Once the Showcase house closes there will be more pictures of this room on Vicki's blog.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good Deed Leads to Bad Luck

Yesterday on my way out of town I saw a large YARD SALE sign.  I started to brake and then told myself to keep going.  But there was a big parking spot and the van just pulled itself over.  I would make it quick or so I thought.

First thing I spotted!
Two folding screens that don't look like much but to me they are like gold.

I can make a couple sets of fabric panels for them and use them to block some of my mess in the studio.  Or....I can use them for backdrops when I'm taking pictures.

They have the old fashioned metal rods that screw on at one end.  I LOVE that part but even without it I would have taken them because I bought both of them for $5. (That was the asking price so no bargaining involved.  Not that that's a bad thing, just unnecessary in this case.)

I paid for them and the lady offered to carry one to the car for me.  I assured her they were light weight and I could handle both but she insisted so I said, "Ok."
Yes, this is where the bad luck comes in to play.  Not for me but for her.  She misjudged the steps going to the street and fell.  Her ankle started to swell immediately. (alot!!)  Her husband was able to get her to the porch and apply ice.  When I left he was on the phone arranging for someone to cover their sale while he took her to the ER.  I stopped back today to check on her.  Not broken but just as bad.  Eight hours in the ER, torn ligaments and she's in a cast for a good while.  That's just doesn't seem right.