Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good Deed Leads to Bad Luck

Yesterday on my way out of town I saw a large YARD SALE sign.  I started to brake and then told myself to keep going.  But there was a big parking spot and the van just pulled itself over.  I would make it quick or so I thought.

First thing I spotted!
Two folding screens that don't look like much but to me they are like gold.

I can make a couple sets of fabric panels for them and use them to block some of my mess in the studio.  Or....I can use them for backdrops when I'm taking pictures.

They have the old fashioned metal rods that screw on at one end.  I LOVE that part but even without it I would have taken them because I bought both of them for $5. (That was the asking price so no bargaining involved.  Not that that's a bad thing, just unnecessary in this case.)

I paid for them and the lady offered to carry one to the car for me.  I assured her they were light weight and I could handle both but she insisted so I said, "Ok."
Yes, this is where the bad luck comes in to play.  Not for me but for her.  She misjudged the steps going to the street and fell.  Her ankle started to swell immediately. (alot!!)  Her husband was able to get her to the porch and apply ice.  When I left he was on the phone arranging for someone to cover their sale while he took her to the ER.  I stopped back today to check on her.  Not broken but just as bad.  Eight hours in the ER, torn ligaments and she's in a cast for a good while.  That's just doesn't seem right.

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