Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Handle Backed Chairs

I am excited to tell you, I finally made a decision on another pair of chairs for the living room.

I found a pair of chairs with, of all things, a handle on the back.  I was smitten, not only by the handle but...

by the shape of the back and...

  the detail on the legs and arms.

Although the finish wasn't horrible, it was dated.

I have to admit, they were pretty before too.

Sometimes I question my tendency to paint everything but I am committed now to....white? you ask.

Nope!  That was the primer.  Don't ask me why I chose this color other than the fact that I like this color, I don't have a reason.  I didn't have a fabric or a chosen room to put them in when I chose this color.  In fact, at this point, I thought I was going to sell my house and use them in the next place.

But, as many of you have heard, I'm staying put.  So, just recently I made the decision to use these chairs in my living room and I selected a fabric for reupholstering.  

It is not what I had envisioned when I started on these chairs but other colors and patterns in the room dictated a little restraint on these two pieces.

I am glad I didn't attempt to upholstery these myself.  As you can see, the arms had to come off to do the backs and I think I might have zigged when I should have zagged.

I think they look a little tame so I'm thinking a pillow of some sort might be in order. 

Look what I accidentally found when I ran into Walmart for toliet paper and shampoo.  The color looks a little off here, but in reality it blends nicely. 

I was thinking I would make pillows for these chairs, but for now, these will do until I find fabric I really love.

I decided a little sparkle in this room would balance off some of the bling in the dining room.

I like the fact that they don't hide the wall color.

It is a little stiff looking but once I find some things to put on the shelves of the table, it will warm up a bit.

For now I have other things to work on.  And just in case anyone is curious about the sparkle, it came with two 40% off coupons from....Shhhhsh, don't tell....Hobby Lobby 

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Refreshing the China Cabinet

As you know I have been playing musical chairs with the furniture and this time the hutch from the dining room has landed in the living room.

I have had this piece for about 18 years.  I really like the lines and I love the storage.

This is what it looked like in the resale shop before I bought it.

I went to work on it with a new color scheme and...

some stenciling detail.

Now it is in the living room and it needs could benefit from a new color scheme.  To be honest, I still love it the way it is but I know it could look better than it does in this location.

I decided I wanted some color behind the dishes. You can see where I tested a green I had on hand.  It doesn't get much light and it seemed too blah.

So I bought a quart of Benjamin Moore in Savannah Green.

The left one is Savannah Green.  Mind you, I had not selected the colors for the outside of the piece, but that didn't stop me.

I forged ahead.  While that was drying I started on the outside (without taking a picture first so this shot is from a little later in the process after I had put a coat on the outside)

I had some Shenandoah Taupe on hand and it looked like it might be right.  I started filling in the panels and covering up the stenciling.

I wasn't exactly crazy about it but I convinced myself it would look better when I got rid of the pinky beige on the rest of the piece.  I had some left over Winds Breath.  I tried it but it was just too light. So back to the paint store for Revere Pewter. (BM HC-172)  I painted the left side and I must admit that did help...some.

I knew the raised trim pieces were adding to the confusion but, since I was flying by the seat of my pants, I was not ready to address that yet.  Maybe a little prior planning would have helped, but in this case, I'm not so sure.

Here everything has one coat except the raised trim pieces.  They are still a metallic champagne color.

I experimented with Coco Bolo in a metallic but it was too brown so I wiped that off.  Unfortunately not fast enough and ...

I was left with this.  I had to give this some thought.

Daylight was slipping away so I decided to wait until the next day to make the next decision.

With a fresh perspective the next morning, I made some changes.  Although it doesn't show in the photo, the lighter color looked purple to me.  I had a can of exterior paint with no name on the can.  Close as I can tell it might be Taos Taupe (BM 2111-40)  I applied it to the panel on the right and immediately I knew it was an improvement.

I covered over the panels on the right with the Taos Taupe, decided it was a go, and finished the other panels.

Now I had to come up with something for the trim pieces.  I thought about shopping for another color but I really didn't want to waste so much time driving around for 3 oz. of paint.

My inner voice kept telling me to try the Ralph Lauren metalic I had on hand.  I had already used it on the coffee table (later post) so I was hesitant to use it again is a glaze and the finish color is dependent on the base color, so I gave it a whirl. You can see the slight change on the top right...just enough to take it from champagne to a more muted taupe.  

Turns out it was perfect!  I was thrilled with the result (top panel with glaze, one under it without glaze, next down partially glazed, and bottom panel not glazed.)    There was one problem... that pesky section of trim I messed up earlier.

I found this jar of Charred Lemon Gold Metallic. It was not the original champagne color but I knew that if it covered the brown streaks, the glaze would be enough to make it match.  May I just say this is where frugality pays off.  I save almost everything and, even though there was only a thin stiff layer on the bottom of this jar, I was able to add a little water and save the day.

It is taking shape.  I still need to second coat the body with the Revere Pewter and I also have to paint the inside behind the doors.

I tend to leave the fun parts until last.

Now that the dishes are back into the top of the hutch, I'll have room to remove the bottom dishes.  (I also have to address that slight sag in the first shelf from the bottom.  It causes the dessert plates to roll towards the center.) 

By the way, I bought this set of dishes at a resale shop for $100 in 2010.

Here they are for Christmas in 2011.
Maybe I'll be ready to host the holidays this year.  I still have 10 months but we know how quickly that flys by.


Ater living with this for awhile, I decided the piece was just too bossy for the room.

So, I painted the panels again!

This time they are painted in Sherwin Williams 7031 Mega Greige.
I can't say this is final.  I just finished second coating it today and I need to see if it settles in for the long run.

Am I questioning my ability to choose wisely?  Not really.  I figure it's like marriage.  We don't always get it right the first time.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fewer Hearts, More Love

STOP for a minute.

Yes, this is my Valentine post but, it's not about what we typically associate with love, romance, and this February holiday.

It's not about the flowers delivered to my door.

It's not about the gift of chocolate to sweeten me up.

It's not about the one I love,
It's about that symbol of love,
that heart shape.
that has beautiful applications

 when it's not too contrived.

Or too overworked. 

Don't you agree?

Hearts show up accidentally and I'm good with that.

Hearts are a part of nature and who isn't good with that?

Hearts are a part of art and there is a license for that.

It's when they show up in plastic that....

I want to get out the double barrel and blow them away.

I don't want the subtle heart shapes to be usurped by the tacky. It's a beautiful, meaningful symbol, so here's hoping it doesn't become just a happy face...mundane and meaningless.

My heart's in the right place when I wish a Happy Valentine's Day to all!
(that one day of the year when all hearts are accepted)

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