Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

What allows the shoulders to drop a smidge and the breathing to be less shallow when we arrive home? Whether we are gone for 5 hours or five days the relaxing sigh when we walk through the door is the same.  For me it's being surrounded by things I have chosen, things that are familiar to me.  Those choices are an outward expression of my personal taste.  So when I am surrounded by those choices I see and feel my inner preferences reflected back to me. 

In a short radius from my own home, I photographed places that speak to their residents in a similar way.  I wonder why they think coming home feels so sweet.

                                             What makes home so sweet for you?


  1. Tricia, I love your blog because it shows, in a very real way, what an incredible place our neighborhood is, and reminds me that I don't want to live anywhere else.


  2. Tricia, a million thanks for the lovely visit. Your home is sensational and it was very kind of you to let me peek inside. Audrey Averett (Deb Deiermann’s sister)