Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two by Two

I love the ritual of walking a few blocks for my morning coffee.  I know it would be considerably cheaper to "drink" at home but there is more to it than the coffee.  Yesterday as I headed out the door, I paused to dead head my geraniums.  As I walked up to the yard waste dumpster to drop the spent blossoms, I was startled by a pair of orphans.  They were clinging to each other and looking very forlorn after a night out in the rain.  Their hair was tangled and they sorely need a bath.  Now remember, this is before coffee so I'm not firing on all cylninders. Unlike my blog from yesterday, I did not hesitate.  I scooped one under each arm and hauled them back to my studio. 

You cannot tell by this picture but the paint is peeling and it's obvious they were a deep red at one time.  The wheels are in motion on what to do with this find.  They will reappear in a later post.  Let me know if you recognize them.

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