Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What a difference a day makes.

Many years ago a botonist neighbor planted, next to my porch, a small wisteria seedling he had nurtured in his basement.  It took a few years to get established and then it was off and running up the guide wires my dad helped me install.  It took over the opening on the west side of the porch and blocked the hot afternoon sun.  It was a lovely screen and the blossoms were spectacular.  But for some unknown reason it expired last year.

This resulted in more of a view than I wanted and I needed a quick fix.  With my house on the market, I couldn't wait five years for a vine to create some privacy.

Gringo Jones seemed like the best place to start my quest for a solution.

Although this would not block the view entirely, it would be a nice distraction.

I was lucky to find these on the clearance shelf at Home Goods

Since I was already in the felt flower mode with another project, I added a flower to each pillow.
After a little searching I found these at Home Depot.  I was thinking of hanging pots but one needs to be a little flexible.  The color was right and so was the price.

Then it was time for a little advice from my brother, Dan.  He suggested the best way to hang the fleur de lis and offered to make the hook.  I wish I had a picture of him installing it but I left home briefly and when I returned it was already in place.  You are the best, Dan.  Thanks.
And there you have it.  A big improvement and much more inviting.
So what did it take to make this happen?  About $100 and a sweet brother.

It was a fun makeover.



  1. Wow, I love the color! You did really well. I'm picturing some billowy curtains made from $3 Walmart twin sheets. That would really frame it.

  2. Simply pretty. A wonderful choice in colour. It looks cozy and feminine without being frilly.

  3. I love it! Its a very fun color and I love the hanging fleur de lis thats really fantastic!

  4. Love the colors and that beautiful fleur de lis! Everything looks lovely.

    Thanks for linking up with us over at The CSI Project.


  5. Great job! We must live in the same neighborhood too 'cuz Gringo Jones is only five minutes from my house. Don't they have the coolest stuff? :)