Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chair duo makeover

Since not much is happening right now, I thought I would take the opportunity to post a few "before and afters" from some past projects.  It keeps the entries shorter and hopefully more frequent.

These little gems were found at TFA (THE FUTURE ANTIQUES).  I almost forgot to get some "before" pictures.  But I remembered just in time and snapped these at the upholstery shop.  Get prepared for some eyepopping fabric.

Loved the fact that they were companion chairs but not identical.

The wood detailing on the arms made these chairs even more interesting.

Now for the transformation.  Since I enjoy a bargain even when it's not coming out of my wallet, I searched for a deal on fabric.  I checked the remnants at the Baker Odds & Ends store.  The most you can usually find on a roll is 3-4 yards so there was a very slim chance I would find enough to do both chairs.  What I did find were two pieces that worked well together.

Since I was still a little short on fabric, I had both cushions done in leather.

They blended perfectly in this loft setting with more contemporary pieces.