Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lights Out

Finding a new way to use a discarded object is a thrill for me.  So when it came to planning the centerpieces for my daughter's "Urban Rustic" wedding,  I knew  I would be able to incorporate my favorite hobby with her theme.

I started by collecting old light fixtures at yard sales and picked up several at the Habitat Restore.  I over collected so I would have a few for backup if some did not work out.  Broken glass was just removed and not replaced.  That actually worked well with the theme.

Here is a sampling of my collection.

Next step was to remove all electrical parts that distracted from my vision.  All glass that could be removed was taken out and cleaned.  The metal parts were sprayed with black paint and then reassembling began.
This is how they looked in this phase.

The final step of converting them to terrariums was two days before the wedding.  I had preordered a variety of succulents and the proper soil for this type of plant.  I had also collected small rocks, dried thistle, votive holders, rustic ribbon, twine, bark, and some word charms to add as needed.  Placement of the plants was pretty much determined by what would fit in what fixture.
Here are some shots taken before they were transported to the reception.

As you can imagine, I did not get pictures at the reception but I do have this shot taken by a friend.  After the reception we offered them to the guests and they disappeared quickly. 

I am entering this in the CSI project and hoping to make the cut.
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  1. I have never, ever seen anything done like this before. You are so creative and innovative! And the pictures are beautiful.

  2. Congratulations -- I saw your project on the CSI contest. These are amazing ideas, and I look forward to following you as you continue to put your creativity to work. I am also following you and invite you to do the same!

  3. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!! I love what you did with these old light fixtures. I just found a gem at the ReStore myself an painted it this week:


  4. Wow! What can I say? They are beautiful and cleaver. . you are one creative gal. I am going to follow you for sure.

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