Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tabletops in the Top Ten

Table settings are in my top ten list of things I'm passionate about. It's fascinating to me to pull things from here and there and in a few hours have a masterpiece.  (The time spent depends on how much "here and there" storage you have and, if you have loaded that storage with things you have no idea why you bought.)

What makes it easy is there is a diagram to follow.  There must be plates and glasses and silverware all arranged in a predetermined manner.  That forms the grid to which you begin adding until your creative radar says STOP.  The interesting and really grand part is the infinite variety of the required elements.  Top that with limitless centerpiece possibilities.  There are no restrictions on color (It's ONE dinner.  You only live with it for a few hours.  So pull out the stops.)  There is the freedom to use flowers, jewelry, candles, fabric, lighting and just about anything else that will fit on the tabletop.

Tobi Fairley mentioned a beautiful table setting by Eddie Ross in her blog and I was so jazzed I was on the prowl for new things for my next dinner party.

I loved the flowers on the plates which was the catalyst for the brilliant Eddie Ross display.  So when I saw these cups and saucers at Upscale Resale I did not hesitate. 

Since it was "everything half price day", I decided to buy this set too.

I think I can actually use them together if need be.

I had some fun and a little frustration setting them up for photos.

It's all part of getting aquainted with a new purchase.

The pink has slightly faded on the borders and one cup has a hairline crack but to me this makes them more precious.  They have character, and when the beauty of youth fades,  character rises in value.
So, that means all I have to do is find runners, napkins, napkin rings, plates, chargers, glasses, silverware, candles, candleholders, vases, flowers, and chairs and I'm ready for the party.

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