Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pillow Mania

With the demise of so many shelter magazines my subscriptions have been drasticly reduced.  Although I have filled the void with some wonderful design related blogs, I still miss turning those slick pages to see what will delight and surprise me next.  I tend to devour the ones that are still published by reading the details related to each picture.
House Beautiful's June 2010 was barely through the mail slot before I had my feet up on the ottoman and my fingers flipping the pages. Page 26 showed six objects under the heading THE BEST.
This pillow was one them.  I might have bypassed this page in search of something more interesting but I'm eager for pretty stuff on slick pages.  So it's no surprise that I read the caption too.


 The surprise came when I saw the price. 
 Who pays that for a felt pillow?

The bigger surprise was my reaction.  I immediately knew I had to have one!  Let me assure you, I did not order one.  Actually, I didn't really like it that much.  Not my colors for one thing.  But what was it that made me think I needed to have it?  Did I want a pillow shown in a national publication that I knew I could have for $25-$30?  What is really at work here?

Well, let me tell you what is at work here.  It's me!

If you too would like this pillow for $30, keep reading.

1.  There are no "how to" books at any of the craft or fabric stores.  Search the internet for ideas.  Expect to fill in a lot of blanks on the "how to" part. 
2.  Felt is available in gaudy colors at any hobby or fabric store.  For more acceptable colors check here or purchase wool clothing at a resale shop or yard sale.  Be sure it is 80-100% wool.  I tried the boiling process to felt the wool and after an afternoon of playing Little House on the Prairie, I threw it in the washing machine on the HOT cycle.  I also made the mistake of buying a man's suit coat because I liked the color.  Double FYI:  There is an enormous amount of stitching and overlapping and interfacing in a man's jacket.  When you finally have it ripped apart you have very little useable fabric left.  To add insult to injury there was no fabric content label.  I forged ahead making two flowers out the miniscule pieces I had salvaged only to find out the edges frayed.
3.  It takes longer than you think to cut the shapes and form the flowers.  A cute little flower for your hair or an accessory for your purse...a piece of cake.  Enough to cover a pillow can become a little tedious.
4.  If you are over 50 allow extra time for threading your needle.
5.  Attaching the flowers to the pillow is a pain in the _ss.
6.  If you are not clear by now....let me repeat myself.  You will not make this pillow in an evening!

I say, if you have a lot of patience, determination, and more time than money....and, you really love this pillow, then GO FOR IT.

I did, and I now have a pillow I'll sell you for the discount price of $400.
Mine measures 11"x15" (thus the discounted price)


Great for any room in the house.

Seriously, it was rather fun and it gave me something to blog about.



  1. This kind of tedious work requires that we take you out into the parking lot and beat you up for being too perfect. I'm contacting Martha.

  2. Well done, it looks fabulous. It may have been a pain but it looks like it was worth it.

  3. WOW -- I really love the combination of flowers, fabrics, and colors. It's truly beautiful and now I definitely want one of those pillows.

  4. Nice! I love how different it looks in the varied locations :)

  5. I love the original pillow..but, I really love your version! I agree with's so true.