Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tea Time

Another piece from Upscale Resale just begging me to take it home.
After a little dickering on the price and a reduction of $30, I agreed to make it mine.  Then it sat around until I committed to a color.
But we all know what comes before that fun color part.  It's the cleaning and sanding and filling in the chips and dings.
No, I did not take two months to decide on white.  This is the primer.

A little fresh paint on the hardware of the wheels brighten them up.
The dark knob in the middle is from the top drawer of the tea cart.  I bought the glitzy earings for $1 and had the other pair. Some stones were falling out of the glitsy pair but a little glue took care of that.  I decided if I could make them adhere to the original knob they would be my first choice.  I pryed off the earring backs and applied the glue.
It worked!  And, yes, now you know the color.

This is the original hardware on the bottom drawer.

Here it is with spray primer.

And here it is silver leafed.

Not finished yet.  I needed to line the drawer with a piece of paper/fabric.  Not sure what the name for this is but I found it at JoAnn's and I thought it was awesome. (that translates to beautiful and cheap.)
Did not buy the liner after picking the color...just one of those accidental lucky happenings when things just come together.

Ok this is it!...almost.  It looks blue but it's really not.  It's turquoise.
It is Benjamin Moore 741 san jose blue (ok a bit blue..a blue turquoise) but mixed at Lowes in a Valspar gloss.

This is the true color.  Guess it was just the lighting in the previous picture.

Again, it looks a little blue.  What is that about?  This is a little mock up for pictures in my studio/garage until I find the right place in the house.
Or maybe until I get the right house.

A funny little happening occured after I had this piece painted.  When I removed a pushpin from my bulletin board to make room for something else, this picture fell to the floor.

I guess I latched onto this color long ago and kept it in the back of my mind until the right piece came along.  Except for the glazing on this one it is an identical color match.

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  1. I've had that same kind of thing happen to me. First I must say that I really love how you painted and decorated this piece. Beautiful. When I painted a mural on our bedroom wall, I wasn't really thinking about a picture or article I had seen. Not long ago I was cleaning out my "design idea" folders, and there was a canvas painting of a tree mural which was white against a golden wall -- very similar to what I had painted. I guess our subconscious keeps all of our design favs for us!

  2. You did a beautiful job on this piece. I love it. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. karie @

  3. That turned out so cute..!!!... and it looks like it was alot of fun.. I love projects that are fun and go quick. I am always anxious to get onto the next thing.

  4. What a beauty. The colour is gorgeous and the bling on the hardware is the perfect touch.

  5. I love all of the details! Great job.


  6. Wow! That turned out really nice. I love the vintage earring "knobs"! The color is awesome too.

  7. Wow! what a gorgeous colour! Looks luxurious. Wonderful drawer.

  8. Such a unique piece! Great job!

  9. I saw this on the CSI Project, and I love it! You did such a great job. I love the added sparkle with the earrings. I never would have thought of that! How creative!

  10. that looks so glamorous and gorgeous! LOVE it! hopped over from CSI. :)

  11. So clever with the earrings as pulls! Turned out so great! Love the drawer liner as well. Bravo!