Monday, July 19, 2010

Justify the Addiction

The lead in here is that I am admitting I have a serious addiction and it is not alcohol or cigarettes.  I'm not a slave to fashion.  In fact I hate shopping for clothes and shoes.  I don't adopt stray dogs or cats or hang out in the pet store.  I am not a traveler or a trip taker.  I rarely even go to the movies.

Do you think that's enough paving the way with what I don't do that I can now explain my addiction to furniture?  It really is serious.  I call it rescuing furniture and that's partially true, but the truth is, if  I didn't adopt a piece someone else would. 

Yesterday I had my usual Sunday morning coffee with a couple friends at a place that just happened to be a few blocks from a resale shop that is open on Sundays.  Now, to me that was a direct invitation to drop by.

So without further ado, this is what I bought.
Side view

Back view, and yes the handle swayed me a little.

The great part is, there was a pair.  So now I can fall asleep at night thinking of ways to dress these beauties.  When I settle on one I deem perfect I will post the results.

BUT, that is not  all.

This little table is in great shape which seemed like reason enough to buy it.  It was also a great price so I have reason #2.  I thought about ways I could refinish it and that's when I knew if was mine.  Once you go there, you have made it yours.

Did I stop there?  Of course not!

Hint #1

Give away clue.

Multipy by four.

The only problem with these purchases will be, ok the  What I started to say was, settling on one way to doll them up.  The possibilities are endless.  Too bad furniture is not as easy to redress as paper dolls.  Then I would have endless outfits for my collection.

I would love to hear what you would do to these "love-e-lies."

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  1. You scored, Tricia! All have beautiful lines and a lot of "special." I can't wait to see what you do with them.