Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seven Layer Peel

The CSI Project for this week is a furniture makeover.  Although I completed this project some time ago, I thought it still met the qualifications of a furniture redo done by moi.

It started with a sturdy cabinet that was painted a color that would suck the life out of a room. I call it Downer Brown.  I knew that almost anything would be an improvement.  I was taking faux finishing classes at the time and was anxious to experiment with a finish referred to as "Seven Layer Peel."

I worked on this piece right in the room where I intended to use it since  I really did not want to move it after painting it.  I don't have steps of the process.  Executing this finish was a little intense and time sensitive.  So I was not thinking of pictures at the time.

Close up of the finished product with tassel attached to the key.

Cabinet closes with a twist of the hardware at the top of the doors.  The inside has three shelves and holds folded clothes and bins for socks and such. I actually had plans to cover the backside of the doors with fabric but I moved on to other projects and that never happened. (yet anyway)

I would not part with this cabinet.  It is really a great storage piece.

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  1. I agree, cabinets like that make for great storage. It looks pretty with the color of the room it is in.


  2. It's gorgeous. I love handy storage like that and your finish is so unique.