Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Home For The Soul

Several years ago I came across a book that talked about discovering symbols of the soul that are personal, that tell your story.  It described various ways to create a mandala of your dwelling using these symbols.  This resonated with me as I'm all about my dwelling and making it an extension of myself.  So, I copied several pages from this book and then returned it to the library or the friend that loaned it to me.  I don't have the title or the author either.  However, some of the pages I copied say A HOME FOR THE SOUL at the top.  There  is one page that has a copyright date of 1997. 

I kept those pages for the longest time without ever creating the mandala.  I recently came across this file and I was propelled to assemble a mandala for my new home even though I don't have that home yet.  Or maybe I should say especially because I don't have that new home yet.

This is the layout and can be created with objects, pictures, or anything meaningful to the creator.  The object is to identify the compartments within the psyche that correspond to the rooms found in almost every dwelling place.
The book is over 200 pages, so obviously I cannot give that kind of depth to this post. 

My objective is to say, "I finally did it!" and it was a good experience.  I may have deviated from the directions a little, but I went through a process that was meaningful to me.

The very center compartment represents your spiritual essence.  I chose this picture to represent creativity which is what puts me in my zone and makes me joyful.  It is my center.

Surrounding this center are eight rooms that express a different thread of soul.

Suggestions for the bedroom are images that depict the mystery of sleep or dream images that have special meaning for you.

The upper right corner, the bathoom, is where the soul's desire to care for the body is made tangible.

Right of center is the closet.  Suggestions for this would be how you want to appear to others or the roles you play in your life.

The dining room is bottom center. This could be about nourishment and fullfillment, a feast of all the best life has to offer.

Bottom left is the office.  This could be about expression of talent or an image that relates to work and/or money.

The gathering room is to the left of center.  These images represent how people join together and the reasons they come together.

The solitude room is about inspiration and wisdom.  It is about moments of insight and ways to enjoy solitude.

The kitchen is located bottom right and depicts daily activites of family life or warming qualities of the hearth.  Somehow a turquoise stove just said it all for me.

NEXT:  The outer ring of the mandala.  The four corners represent the elements of fire, earth, air, and water.

Lifegiving warmth, such as the sun, stars, fireplaces, candles, and stoves.

The beauty and power of water, such as rain, snow, dewdrops, lakes, waterfalls, fountains, baptismal fonts, water lilies, or oceans.

Nourishing abundance, such as flowers, seeds, trees, valleys, stones, and gems.

The inspiration of air, such as clouds, a flute, wind chimes, flags in the wind, or curtains lifted by the breeze.

The remaining boxes on the outer ring represent the months of the year.  The qualities of each month should be represented here.  I will show just a sampling.

JULY (my birth month)

  I believe that the process involved in creating this mandala enabled me to link inner qualities of consiousness to what I love about architecture and interior design.  You might want to assemble your personal story using this structure.


  1. Well that should win something somewhere.

  2. Really interesting . Would like to read the book too. Thanksfor the inspiration
    Ingrid (BYW)