Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shopping List???

Those of us who shop the resale stores, yard sales, consignment shops, or the curbs and alleys don't usually leave home with a list.  If we do, it consists of a few measurements:  maybe the exact width of a niche so that if we make a discovery we know it will fit.  It's not like we set out looking for a sage colored camel back sofa with mahogany feet and burnished brass nailhead trim.  We are just looking for our next treasure and we have no idea what that will be.

So when I made a slight detour to scope out one of my favorite not-for-profit locations, I had my eye out for a coffee table and a day bed.  You know I found something and it wasn't either of those items.

No secret now, but I wanted to show the detail of the finial.

The shade measures 18.5" H and 16" in diameter.

More charming details.

A good solid base completes the closeups.

Rather large for such a small end table but I rather like the juxtaposition.
However, there is something I want to change.  Come on now, that's all part of the process.  We have to alter things a teeny bit.  That's how we make them our own.

So far the change is pretty basic and ultra easy.  I just took the shade off.

It does have a lovely globe and a three-way switch for softness.  But I am still toying with another idea.  I thought about wrapping the cylinder above the decorative turn key with maybe a roping of some kind...twine?  What do you think?  That idea has already been nixed by one friend so I'm looking for other opinions.  How do you see this lamp in it's best light?

Did I mention I bought the pair?

Or that they match this John Widdicomb piece I purchased years and years ago at an estate sale by leaving a ridiculously low bid?


  1. Hi! I just found your blog through Metamorphosis Monday and was immediately drawn in. Every picture is goregous and I am enjoying looking through your previous posts! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. great lamps! And I also love you settee. I'm currently searching for the perfect one for myself.