Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What we call HOME

My daughter and son-in-law found out recently they are having a boy so choosing a name now begins in ernest.  It started me thinking about the whole naming process.  Of course we all name our children and our pets.  But some carry it a little further.

 I had an uncle who called his car Nellie and my brother named his sunny yellow pick up truck, Sandy Beach. 

Other modes of transportation are named as well.  We have Air Force One for a jet;  "Christina O", for Onassis' yacht and "Splendour" for Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner's yacht.

 There was the submarine called Red October and a World War II plane called "Enola Gay."

Other than names for modes of transportation, we have names for castles like Castle Penela and Carlisle Castle.

We have Hacienda Luisita and the famous plantation, Tara, from Gone With The Wind.

Those who have country homes or summer cottages often name them as well.  I believe the Queen calls hers Balmoral.  Others go for something a little more simple like Lazy Daisy.

Ranches often have a brand name like Triple D or as the Cartwrights referred to theirs, Ponderosa.

Of course there are many famous buildings like Trump Tower, Chrysler Building and the John Hancock Building.

Churches abound in every city with a variety of biblical names.

Hospitals are named. Hotels are named. Restaurants are named.

So my question is this.  If we name planes, stadiums, houseboats, and even hunting shacks; why do we settle for something like 3627 or 2617A for our homes.

Be it ever so humble our home should be worthy of a name too.

I think it is wonderful that we still have many old apartment buildings that have not lost their  birth names. 

When I had my studio/garage built I named it Tabula Rosa. 

I attempted to incorporate the name in a mosaic on the doorstep which is not as recognizable as I had hoped it would be.  But I know that when I walk through the door I have a "clean slate" or a fresh start on whatever project awaits me.

After 33 years in a house without a name, I am planning to move and I am definately giving my new home a worthy name.

If you have named your home, I would love to hear about it.

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  1. My home is named: Wabi Sabi Francais. Thanks for asking