Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First glance, second chance

This is a front yard flower garden in my neighborhood that really stands out now that it's the tail end of Sept. and most of the flowers have "given up" after a very hot summer.
It caught my eye a couple times as I drove by so I decided to take a walk with my camera to get a few pictures.

The brilliant varigated orange marigolds deserved a closer look.

Neither the foliage or the flowers looked heat stressed in this garden. 

When I moved to this angle I noticed the little lantern on the very corner.  I had been so taken by the brilliant colors I had not noticed it before.

I came in for a close up and that's when I noticed...

This little guy all calm, cool, and collected.
My brain clicked into gear.  If there was this little surprise, there might be more.

My eyes picked out the bunny rabbit propped inside the tree stump and that led me to the...
 little fairy checking out his paws.
There was no doubt there was more to be found.  How could I have missed this?

It was certainly big enough, but, honest to goodness, I did not see it before now.  Could there be more surprises?

Who would have guessed?  Can you see how this all started to become very intriguing?  This was becoming the garden of the unexpected.

A lovely little decorative gazing ball topped with a fleur de lis, was as delicate as the flowers themselves. 

  I took a few moments to capture the beauty of this garden because  I was drawn to the colorful mix and  the vibrancy of the late summer blooms. 
As I moved around the sides of this  small plot, I was rewarded with one new discovery after another.

By now I was starting to "get it."  My idea of seeing something needed some serious recalibrating.  I was standing a few feet from this delightful garden, and although all these things were in plain sight, I did not see them.

I did not have a clue until by accident I saw one, and then another, and when I thought I had noticed them all, I would see another.  This was the universe delivering a well taught lesson.

I wanted to blog about this to let it settle in and have it change me.  I thought about my Grandmother who lived next door to me from the time I was born until I left for college.  I wonder what I might have noticed about her had I taken the time to look. 

This line of thinking could go on forever about people and places and things that were skimmed over in my hurry to "see" what's next.  But I think I'll be taking a closer look and just possibly giving myself a second chance on some beauties I glossed over too quickly.

PS:  After publishing this post I went back once more to prove to myself there is always more to discover. 

To my delight I discoved these seals.  They were very close to the polar bear but I missed them earlier.


  1. Nice post. A second chance can be something wonderful. We don't know what we've missed.

  2. Beautiful!! I love all the hidden little 'gems' in the garden! I am stopping by from the BYW "North Central forum post". I saw you grew up in Nebraska... that is where I live! :)