Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm a Winner

Let me clarify;  for anyone thinking of calling for a loan, I did not win the lottery.  But... it was still very exciting see my name in  Tobi Fairly's blog.   I read her blog on a regular basis since I am reminded of new posts via e-mail.  She announced a book give away earlier in the month and here it is!

Yes, I really was the winner and my prize arrived a few days ago in the mail.  I have not had an opportunity to really dig into it but I flipped through to get the overview.  It is over 500 pages of information on EVERYTHING to do with bedding.  This includes designs for headboards to the tune of 115! 
How  wonderful is that for the DIYers among us?

A very big thank you to Tobi Fairley for sponsoring this give away. 

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