Monday, September 6, 2010


Some time ago I was talking to a couple addicts I work with about their addictions.  One was pretty hooked on QVC and the other on e-bay.  They were telling me what fun it was to have the UPS or FedEx guy show up with "presents."  And so was born our little joke that "knock-knock" meant presents for moi. I have never purchased anything from QVC or e-bay but I like presents too.  Mine tend to be delivered as well.  I just never know when or what I'm getting.

Last week I came home to find this on the door step of my studio.

I was more than delighted.  It is really weird because this was the exact shape of chairs I had been attracted to lately.  Want to see the back?  Trust me, you want to see the back.

Not everyone's style, I'm sure, but I LOVE it!

I immediately took these pictures before I moved it inside.  Then I tossed a few thoughts around in my mind about who might have left it.  You see, this is not so unusual.  It is how my "knock-knocks" come to me.  I have the word out that I will consider almost anything someone else wants to get rid of.   It's not unusual to be given that option before a piece of furniture is discarded.  But there are only a couple people who just leave things in my yard.  My first guess was a friend who I thought was out of the country for six months.  But, a phone call confirmed I was right.  He had gotten back the day before he dropped the chair on my doorstep.  Can you beat that for a "knock-knock"?  Actually, I can and it works like this.

When one is good and two is great.  The story goes like this:  I get my friend on the phone and he confirms that he was indeed the one who left the chair for me.  I told him I really loved it and he told me he thought it was ugly.  I'm thinking that is exactly how this is supposed to work.  Then he says, "If you like it I can get you another one just like it."  The following day he shows up with "knock-knock II."  Hoping your week is filled with "knock-knocks."


  1. Well, I sure love reading about this "knock knock" story. Now, I'm in the re-knock knock. Sending all those wonderful goodies sailing for other shores. But, it "shore" was fun.

    Great chairs too.