Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mini Makeover

Thought I would show you a quick redo of a small garage sale item.  Actually I'm buying a little time until I can get some better pictures of another project which is finished but too heavy for me to move to a decent setting for pictures.  So in the meantime here's a look at a sad little item waiting for an update.

 First order of business was to remove and paint the label holders.  Easy enough as they were screwed on to the wood.

A few squits of spray paint took care of these.  Wish I could read the color on this spray can.  I think it was called Stainless Steel.

In case you are wondering about the shredder, I used it to hold my screws while I sprayed them.

Yes, it's the old "go-to" black. (Rustoleum Satin #7777).  I had it on hand and it seemed like the logical choice.

Reassemble the label holders and it is complete.  Very easy to pop in interesting labels on a whim.  It stands nicely by itself and I could see using it on a buffet to hold napkins or flowers.  Could be very cute on a candy bar with various treats in each bin.  I think it lends itself very well to a themed party table.  Giving the creativity free rein on the labels could make this the hit of the party.

And in between special events it works nicely in a home office or hanging on the wall in a message center.  Then there is the old spice rack that what it was originally meant to be?


  1. Wow I will be popping in regularly. I have just started updating a chest of draws (never done before) and a can of undercoat is my best friend. Started on Sunday, update tomorrow, hopefully finished by end of the week. Saw you on decor8 e-course.

  2. I love this little shelf and see many possibilities for it! Great find and wonderful redo. The little label holders are perfect in their new color against the black.