Thursday, September 16, 2010

Napkin rings, or NOT.

This morning I dropped into the Habitat Restore in hopes of finding lighting globes.  There wasn't much of a selection so I moved on to a box of hardware on the floor.  I was not looking for anything in particular.  You know the drill..."I'll recognize it when I see it."  I did see a couple of these.
When I came across the third one I decided to set them aside in case someone else wanted them.  Then they wouldn't have to dig to find  a set.  The pile stated to grow as I poked through the assortment.  By the time I got to eight it dawned on me that that someone else might just be me.

Does that look like more than eight to you?  Yes they just kept coming.
So what to make of these?

By the time I counted out sixteen I decided maybe that was enough for just about anything I could think of to do with them.  At 4 for a $1 it would be a bargain no matter what I did with them.

I have had them home now for about 10 minutes and the wheels are just starting to turn.  Napkin rings could work.  Would I leave them as they are and just give them a good cleaning, or should they be painted?  I guess that would depend on the color scheme of the table setting.
Handling them is giving me an idea of their quirkiness.  They don't lay flat so that will have to be taken into consideration in whatever application they are used.
Using them to gift wrap a package might work.  There are lots of ways to work with ribbon to hold them in place.
Possibly on a garland for the mantel at Christmas Time.
I'm open for ideas on this one.  So leave me a comment with your thoughts. It wasn't like I went out looking for napkin rings.  But you know what they say, "Love the one you're with."

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  1. somehow I missed this post. So have you put these to good use already.