Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Stroll

Today is one of those days we wished for all Summer long; low humidity and temperature in the 70's.  October weather has been more like September so Fall is holding back this year.  It was a great day to walk the neighborhood while sipping an iced coffee.

When you are not rushing to get back into air-conditioning, the front porches in the neighborhood become individual vignettes to appreciate as you pass by.

These beautiful paisly pillows were probably on this porch all summer but in the October's less intense light they came to life.

I love seeing an inviting front porch any time of the year.

It is a reminder to take the time to relax.  A little time spent rocking is time well spent.

The paint color on the trim is so complemented by the colors in the fern.

It's so lovely when the plants and flowers coordinate with the colors of the house.

Here is a case where the color of the house suits the season.

As the flowers taper off we are all the more impressed by the ones that are left.  Isn't this a great combination with the blue and orange?

And even when the flowers fade the beautiful pots become the focal point.

Another glorious container that adds some spice to an Autumn setting.

A few hydranga bushes survived the hot summer and continue to dazzel us with their beauty and grace.

The dusty colors of the late blooms are even more spectacular than the early pinks and blues.  But, I suppose, it just suits the time of year because I love those springy colors in the Spring too.

The leaves are changing to their Fall colors ever so slowly now.

And the wreaths on the doors have followed suit.

I found the reds, golds and oranges against this rich dark brown door especially stunning.

It wouldn't be October without seeing a few pumpkins.

This display covered all the bases....a jack-o-lantern with a witch's hat.

This lawn display covered a few bases as well.  Halloween awakens the creativity like no other holiday.

The ghoulish take on decorating was never my bag but it always amuses me to see how others really get into it.

I especially liked this fellow's expression.  He was sitting on the porch of what looked like an unoccupied home which made it even more errie.

And that ends my stroll through the neighborhood for today.  But I could not resist giving you this shot of...

what may very well be the "Last Rose of Summer."

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