Friday, November 5, 2010


First of all, I have excuses for not posting recently.  I won't bore you with all of them if you will humor me by listening to just two.  My friend of 45 years agreed to visit me for five whole days. (It ended up being 4.5 but I don't think it was because of anything I did.)  Anyway, in preparation, I decided to fix the hot water knob on the bathroom sink.  It started turning hard several months ago and grew steadily worse.  My wrist grew steadily stronger so I considered it a trade off.  However, at some point it was going to refuse to budge or fall apart, so company was the push I needed to have it replaced.

This involved a bit of shopping to find a faucet I could live with without taking out a loan.  I'm lucky to have brothers who do this type thing for a living so I was able to get it installed promptly.  Mission accomplished!  So you would think. But... while we hanging out in the bathroom I mentioned that I should probably replace the mirror in my antique medicine chest.  It was quite small and had a large diagonal scratch right in the center.  It didn't really bother me.  In fact, I was so used to it I didn't even notice it...much.  That comment led to a discussion about a new medicine chest and before I had the common sense to change the subject, the old medicine chest was out and measurements were being taken to determine how much larger the opening would need to be for the new medicine cabinet.  Remember, I had company coming in two days.

If you have had any experience with such projects, you know it did not stop there.  There was a little plaster and lathe to remove which translates to "big mess."  Then there was the patch plastering and all that goes with that.  But there is more.  Now the side sconce light was ill placed and we all agreed a light above the mirror would be better.  We had a little remedial electrical work to do and, of course, more patching to cover the hole left by the old side light.

Needless to say, this did not get completed before my friend arrived.  She graciously put up with no makeup light for the duration of her stay. She might have preferred to wrestle the faucet handle but that ship had sailed.

Reason #2 for no blog posts is one you will totally understand.  We were on the go the entire time she was here.  I took her to as many resale shops as we could fit into each day.  I'm sorry to say I didn't
take pictures of my friend's purchases but hopefully she will send me some "after" shots of the secretary/bookcase she found so I can share it with you.  She also bought a tea cart, a chair, some framed art and...well, let's just say her minivan was packed solid when she left.

But let's move on to what I bought because I have pictures of those.

One of my favorites is this menu board that can certainly be used "as is" or changed out for a special occasion.  Can I fit the entire Thanksgiving menu here?  Doubtful. But I will think of a way to use it since I am hosting the family this year.

I'm open for suggestions on this one.

I also found a little floor lamp that is perfect for reading...just the right height.  But, alas, no globe.

It looks rather boring but I think I can take care of that.  Right now it has to get in line with a lot of other deserving entries.

But I did find  this interestingly shaped globe at our next stop.  It cost more than the lamp but it fit so perfectly I couldn't pass it up.

I found these little containers at another shop for $1.   A sticker that said Ghirardelli left an imprint but buffed out nicely with a little brass cleaner.  You can see the one on the right took the shine nicely.

We hit a few yard sales where I picked up this canvas for $5. I tried to walk away once but I was waiting for my friend to dig through some sea shells and it called me back.  I'm so glad I was listening.

We shopped the alleys too, but they were picked clean.  However, we did hit the second day of an estate sale where I picked up this slightly "over the top" top.  I bought it for the cute little ribbon flowers that were scattered over the shoulders and bodice.  I didn't think to get a picture before I cut some of them off. 

There are 56 flowers in all.

I also picked this up at the same sale. 

Right now I'm thinking it would look really nice with the overnight French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar.
 I bought this next item immediately because it was actually something I needed.  Imagine that!

Just to clarify that last statement, I'm allergic to most wines.  The rest of my family is not.

And then there were the little dessert plates.

You could say I needed these too because dessert is my specialty.  I haven't found a one that creates an allergic reaction.

After my friend packed up her treasures and headed home, I started thinking about a pair of mirrors I saw in our travels that I had dismissed at the time.  The problem:  I could not remember where I saw them.  I went back to three places that were likely candidates before giving up the search.  They may have already been discovered by someone else.  However, while on that mission I found a few other things.

This desk was quite adorable.  Petite with sexy curves.  I debated for awhile on this piece and..

on these dishes.
They were both at the same location but the woman I normally deal with was not there.  I decided to come back the next day when I was sure I could get a better price.  I arrived ten minutes before they opened the following day, but, sadly the desk was gone.
However, the dishes were not. So I will be thinking of ways to work this color into my Thanksgiving centerpiece.  They are not perfect.  In fact they are seconds with some minor firing flaws but I can live with that.  Everything in my home is slightly flawed and that makes it perfect.

There might have been more stuff.  Truthfully, I sort of lost track between the shopping and eating and talking and laughing.

But reality hit me in the face the minute my friend pulled away.

There were patches to be primed and painted. If that were problem.  But...there was a faux treatment on the walls that would have been tricky to match and blend.  Besides, the room was actually long overdue for a paint job. So now curtains came down, shower rod came down, a mirror and a picture came down and suddenly cracks were exposed and there were more holes to fill.  You know the drill.  One thing leads to another.  I still have a few details to take care of but for the most part that project is complete.

It's not big bathroom so it's hard to get pictures and, I might add, next to impossible to maneuver a stepladder anywhere close to where you need it.

But the mini makeover is refreshing and I'm loving the new color.
(Martha Stewart 077 Shortbread)


  1. The new dishes are great. Love the color.

  2. Tricia, you have an eye for beauty and a way with words. Great to follow your bathroom upgrade. Good call-you grabbed the opportunity even though guests were on the way. Unusual and attractive finds at the sales. Love the white blouse-fit for a bride. Dish set and menu board are awesome! Your Thanksgiving guests will be honored with the heart & soul of your preparation. Looking forward to seeing your table settings and menu board of foods. God bless your continued inspirations.