Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Balls in the Air

How many balls are you juggling this month?  It seems like I have 35 things in the air.  Lots of holiday projects have been started but I am forced to throw one into the air to catch another.  I think I may be close enough on some to give you a glimpse of what I have been tossing around.  It’s a little more difficult to get good pictures this time of the year so please cut me a little slack there.
I decided to do the dining room in mostly silver and white with touches of black and red.  I had white branches that I had tucked into the tree one year.  But I needed containers so I could use these on the mantel.
I found these vases at Goodwill priced way too high at $3 and $5.  I found a manager and got them down to $3 apiece but, seriously, this is Goodwill and one still had the 25 cent garage sale sticker on it.  However, time is short and yard sales are scarce right now in Missouri.
I brought them home and sprayed the inside with Looking Glass Spray paint.  This was my first try at spraying the inside of a cylinder so it took a while to get the hang of it.  I tried spraying it in my garage but I think the glass got too cold and the paint just slid down to the bottom of the vase.  I moved to the back porch which was warmer but I still had some problems.  The manufacturer suggests several light coats (5) with a minute of dry time in between.  Good in theory but my vases took about 15-20.  Maybe more.  I didn’t count.  Part of the reason for that is, you cannot spray all sides at one time.  I would hold the vase outside the door, give it a quick squirt, dash back inside and lay it sideways on the table to keep the paint from running.  Then repeat and repeat and repeat.  In spite of the hassle, they turned out quite well.
I wrapped the stems of my twigs in paper towel to keep them from scratching the paint.  Stuck a few smaller silver branches in the front and added a little bird from Deals.  I had the black and white stripped ribbon in my stash.
Another shot before the bird.
I had some silver bells and some red beads.
I also had a silver tray, some silver acorn ornaments, and candlesticks in a variety of styles and heights.  The silver balls were 3 for $1 at deals.  (unbreakable which is nice since they are just resting on the top of the candlesticks.)
x13    x15
I added some tea lights to fill in around the vases and add a warm twinkle.
If you remember, my walls are chocolate brown so it’s difficult to get decent light for pictures.
This would probably look better if I included the entire mirror and the bottom of the mantel.  But since my table is set for 12, I really wasn’t anxious to move it so I could get a good shot.  The other issue is the reflection of the doorways and artwork on the other walls in the mirror.  I just realized some of you would not know that the fireplace surround is mirrored mosaic which does add to this display. Hmmmm? Guess I should try for a shot that includes that.  I will have to add that later.  It is after dark now and it will be impossible.

This is my insert so you can see the mirrored mosaic surround.

In the meantime, another close up.  Seems I took lots of those because they were easier to snap.
I attached some large ornaments to the bottom of my chandelier and added a red and silver bow. (I know it looks a little pink but it really is red.)
I know, even less convincing with the red shades.  You will just have to take my word for it.  This was the start of the table decoration.
I dug out a black and silver tablecloth that I had used before during the holidays and started to build from there.  Of course, I have the red and white dishes so that was really all the red I needed.
Which tableware do you prefer?  Actually, I have to use a mix since I don’t have a 12 piece place setting of either one.
Napkin rings I have had for years.  You can’t really tell from the photo but they are glittery.  Note the pattern on the tablecloth in this picture.  It is like a faux animal print…maybe alligator but in black and silver.
Years ago I covered a paper mache reindeer in silver beads.  It has held up extremely well so I added a black bow and a couple red ornaments to make it the focal point of the table.
The Christmas trees on either side of the candleholder are an inexpensive Walmart find.  I just thought they had a shape with a lot of flair.
You can see the shape here.  I thought about running a ribbon through the little hole in the star on top.  I’m still contemplating if it is better without it.
I realize these are not the greatest pictures.  I’m thinking or dragging the stepladder up from the basement to see if I can get a shot of the entire table.  Stay tuned.  If that works out, I’ll add it later.
I laid a wide ribbon down the center of the tablecloth and placed all the ornamentation on top of this ribbon.  It is simple but with all the other decorations in the house, it really is quite enough.

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  1. It all looks so your tablescape and mantel. Love your blog, so I’m going to follow along. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!