Thursday, December 16, 2010

When in Doubt

Christmas, like Halloween, is one of those holidays where it’s hard to go over the top.  You can just keep adding and somehow it works.  When I question whether to add something else, I think, “When in doubt, bring it out.”  Now, keep in mind, that phrase is turned around to mean the exact opposite the rest of the year.  I know gaudy is possible and I have seen some borderline lawn decorations, but, most of us reset the gaudy meter this time of year.  It’s just JOLLY.  What the heck.
I mention this now for those of you who are wondering what all this stuff looks like in one house.  Rest assured that 2-3 days after Christmas it will be going back into boxes.
Some decorations move easily from one holiday or party to the next.
My menu board is going to be one of those items.  Thanksgiving was its first venue.
Christmas will be the second.  The red lights are plugged in and lit but not obvious in the daylight.  Hopefully I will come up with something clever to write in the next few days. 

027-1     028-2
I managed to get these garlands up on either side of my studio door on the very last warm day of the year.  Two days later we received 4 1/2 inches of snow and the weather has not improved since.
They are pretty to look at from the house.

I should have taken my flower pots inside before I took this picture so ignore those.
Now for the front door.
I hung onto this sad little tree way too long, or maybe not.  It looked better when I pulled off the dusty and broken ornaments.  Recycle is what I do and what better place to start than in my own closets.

Some ribbon, sparkly reindeer, and a red beaded garland started things off.  I rewrapped the little packages in the same ribbon and hot glued a strand of glass beaded trim to the base.  These were all things I had on hand. (I see now that a couple close ups would have been nice.)  Maybe I can snap those and squeeze them in later.

Another item that has been around awhile is this tree.  In fact he has a twin brother.  I had them in black pots for a few years but decided to go with the burlap this year.

Adding a little sprig of berries took these burlap covered candles from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Away with the fall leaves to make room for the beaded fruit.

That was a speedy transition.

Now, back to the little trees.  Some of the lights were not working so I switched those out and added the sparkly red balls.  Putting the reindeer on top tied it to the front door decoration.  A few pine cones from the previous holiday and the foyer was complete.

Now for the living room.  Actually I held back a little here.  It's the room where you get to catch your breath.
A little greenery around a candle chandelier that hangs low over the coffee table was all this room needed.

I should try this shot again with the sconce lights on.

I tried getting a mirror shot which was just as frustrating as it was in the dining room where I was trying not to get a mirror shot.  One of these days I’ll figure this out.

I am lucky to have some nice architectural elements like this pocket door .  It makes simple work.

My favorite shot was taken just after blowing out the candles.
And with that, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

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  1. Look at all your beautiful things! The menu board is such a nice touch and those garlands are gorgeous. I love the oriental touch in there, too, very creative. Very beautiful, very stylish.