Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is Your Resolve Holding?

Have you fallen off the resolution wagon yet?  If you are getting a slow start or if you only watch the calories 5 days a week, you should check out Bittersweet Bakery.
It is a fine little place to meet up with friends for a cup of java.
The seating arrangements are varied.  A little round table for four or a large rectangular wood table for 6-8.
And if you want to watch the action on Gravois you have plenty of spaces at the window.
I love the attention to the décor at Bittersweet.  These petite chandeliers line the entire window side of the room.
And a much larger one graces the entry.
I took these pictures during the holidays and couldn’t resist a shot of the tree decorated with….of course, beautifully decorated cookies.
So enough stalling.  Let’s get on with the food. Their menu is varied enough to satisfy diverse tastes.  Some of their morning fare includes Rye bagel with smoked salmon and then there are biscuits and gravy.  Rather have a savory pastry?  There are 5 from which to choose.  I have not tried them all, yet, but I do love the goat cheese.
They also serve quiche and bagels with various cream cheese spreads.

I couldn’t possibly show every wonderful muffin, cupcake, cookie, or torte they offer.  But I will tempt you with a few pictures.
They also make pies and cakes to go.  What a way to astonish and delight your book club members or widen the eyes of Dad for his next birthday.
The also make miniatures of the real thing for individual servings.  I think that is a terrific idea. If you live alone it takes away the guilt of eating the entire pie by yourself.  If you feel like splurging, you could purchase individual servings for each guest at your special gathering.  No cutting or serving mess, and, they they would look spectacular on the table….no other decoration necessary.
Speaking of individual works of art, check this out.
The cupcakes are a visual feast.
They are different each time I visit so if you see something you want to order at a later date, you might want to take a picture of it so you get exactly what you want later.
Of course they do the seasonal cupcake in a variety of ways.

If you are a frosting lover like my daughter, you will enjoy the roses.
Pick your pleasure.
Their menu board includes their various coffees and the breakfast menu.
They have a separate board for the desserts.  Opps, did I forget to mention the ice cream.  With names like Frozen Crème Anglaise and Cinnamon Brown Betty, are you not tempted?  How about Mint and White Chocolate (yes together).  There is also Lemon Curd and Valrhona Guanaja. (The menu says this is made with 70% Guanaja chocolate.)  There is also Butter Pecan, Pistachio, and Salty Caramel. There are more but you’ll see that when you stop by.

By the way, were you amazed by the beautifully written and decorated menu boards?

Back in my days in the classroom we did it like this.  As you can see, I had trouble just getting the lines straight.
I was told they were created by a local artist named Phil Jarvis.  My friends and I would love to take classes in how to write like this on a chalkboard.

004   006
I happened to pass by his studio yesterday so I snapped a picture.  What a whimsical place to make art. If you are interested in other things Mr. Jarvis does you can check it out here.
But back to Bittersweet.
It is located at 2200 Gravois Ave. in St. Louis, Missouri. They are open from 7-2 on Mon and Tues.  Wed. through Fri. they are open from 7-6.  Sat. hours are 8-6 and Sun. hours are 8-2.
It is a cheery place to hang out with friends over a cup of coffee or tea.
And just maybe you will want to share a cookie or two.
There are also some packaged treats to pass on to a friend or take on the road.

I have not had my morning coffee yet, so I’m off to Bittersweet.
I think I see a biscotti dipped in white chocolate with my name on it.

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