Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disappearing Bricks

I'm on a roll now.  Wiping out the faux painting in one room has made it easier to tackle the next one.  The kitchen was done in a drywall mud tinted with paint and applied in a random manner to resemble a plaster wall.  To add to the effect, I left parts "unplastered" to show the bricks beneath the surface.  In this case those bricks were only painted on the wall with grout lines and the texture of real bricks.
You can see some of these faux bricks above the stove, in the middle of the photo just above the countertop and above the shelf on the left.  Also note the light fixture.  I fell in love with this at Arhaus and when it went on sale it came home with me.  However, I started thinking this might also be one of those "owner specific" items and if that was the case then it is definately going with me when I move.  So a replacement fixture became the goal.

I found this one at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $15.00.  They even threw in a light bulb for that price.  I bought black chain and painted the gold parts black.  It sat around for awhile in pieces while other things took priority.  The day I arranged for my brother, Dan, to switch out the fixtures, I started to move all the parts to the kitchen.  When I picked up the glass globe, a 2" circle of the globe remained on the table and the rest of the globe was in my hand.  I could not believe what took place.  I was dumbfounded, ticked, and at a loss for what to do next.  All this in a split second.  Sure, I should have taken a picture but....ok, you get it.  Nothing to do but throw it out or....get the glue.  So glue it I did.  There was a very, very thin rim to apply the glue to but I tried it anyway.  I put the two pieces together and laid a heavy wooden cutting board on top for a couple hours.
It has been up for over a week now and seems to holding fine.  If you look above the light you will see more of the faux bricks peaking through.  So now let's talk about how to take care of those.  It probably goes without saying that I don't have the paint that I used when I originally did this finish and I don't have a record of the colors I used.  So it was time to wing it.  I paint like some people cook...often without a recipe.  I finished the cover up today and I'm pretty happy with the results.

Sorry about the lighting.  It has been raining all day and I could not rely on natural light for the finished photo.

The cover up continues.

I am pretty pleased with the results since I was not sure how this was going to work when I started.

There were a couple more sections to cover that are not show here but they have all disappeared now.  I really was rather tired of that look myself but couldn't seem to get the gumption to change it.  But I'm motivated now so stay tuned for what gets nixed next.

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