Sunday, May 29, 2011

Auction Initiation

Today was one of those leisurely Sundays that prompted me to attend an auction with a friend.  I really have been to very few auctions.  Usually because I was required to be at work when they were being held.  The couple that I did attend were selling merchandise way out of my league. However, it has been on my list of things to check out when the opportunity presented itself.

We arrived just as the auction began so we worked our way through the crowd checking out the items for sale.  I listened to the autioneer as we looked and I was able to catch some of what he was spilling into the microphone.  There was really only one item that held any interest for me and not something I couldn't live without.  We watched the bidding for a few more minutes and were just about to leave when one of the helpers laid her hand on the item I had noticed.  So out of curiosity we waited to see how that went.

Next thing I know a little voice said, "bid once just for the practice" and my card went up.  I heard it's a good idea to know how high you are prepared to go before you start bidding.  But prepared I was not! 

Lucky for me mine was the only bid. My purchase cost me $30 and as the auctioneer said.  "You got a real deal.  The hardware alone is worth that."

There are six lion pulls on the piece and since I'm a Leo by birth I thought it was appropriate that the piece went to me....that and the fact that no one else wanted it.

No, I didn't need it but I have a feeling I will find a great use for it.

You see the top flips up!
Yes, there I am reflected in the garage door as I lean on the car to get a picture.

 I think this little divided compartment has lots of possibilities.  Stay tuned, I'll personalize it one of these days and bring it back as a B & A.

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  1. The table was definitely meant to be yours. It was a good day at the auction.