Saturday, May 14, 2011


A couple nights ago I attended an event sponsored by Apartment Therapy held at Jipsi.  Her I am with my friend, Vicki, at the event.

  It's always a treat to see what the creative whirlwind, Jennifer Baca, has whipped together for her window displays.

Jennifer was wearing a sequined dress for this event but I missed getting her picture that night.  This pic is from a former event.  And, yes, she did have on cowboy boots with the knee length cocktail dress, just not this pair.  I guess brown was a better choice with the silvery sequins.

The displays showcased her usual wizardry with mundane materials.  This time it was egg crates and coffee filters.  In between the string and the packing popcorn are decorative items to lust after.

Is this a bed for daydreaming?

Note the whimsical use of coffee filters.

And then the gorgeous pillows.

Don't miss the whitewashed brick in the background.  The parts are so not the whole in Jennifer's work.  That's what I love...that mixing and blending of everyday and exquisite, quirky with quality, and all creatively crafted.
Fashion is always a part of the statement.

The mannequins are outfitted for every occasion.

And there is clothing to take home too.

This was a creation from another day.

There is always nifty lighting as part of the display.

In Jennifer's world lampshades are allowed to make a statement.

It's a chandelier no matter what the parts are called.

This chandelier is so beautiful when it winks at you in person.  It's worth the visit to see, and maybe even touch, the ivory beads.

This shop is also Jennifer's studio and painted furniture is part of her repertoire.

How to make messy look elegant.

Jennifer does all kinds of things with paper and books.

Thursday night she demonstrated how to create this interesting piece.  Then anyone who wanted to give it a try was encouraged to do so.

Believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jennifer's talent.  Visit her shop on The Hill.

Even if you don't walk away with anything you'll walk away happier.

And you'll be inspired to find a way to use those old bed springs.  I was.

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