Sunday, May 1, 2011

Relaxed Bouquet

Everyone knows I like those unexpected "knock-knocks" at the door when someone drops off a little surprise like a set of french doors or an old chair too good to trash, a container of homemade stew, or a clump of day lilies a friend thinned from her garden.  But I was delighted with what I recieved yesterday from a friend who attended my yard sale.

This sweet bouquet of pinks in a mason jar is just the best!  I loved everything about it.  The unexpectedness (who get's flowers while conducting a yard sale?), the shades of fabulous pink, the simple arrangement that allows the flowers to just be themselves! 

So today I had fun with my flowers.  I took lots of pictures of them.

Ok, I won't show them all here, but I do have lots more.

I pulled out a few pieces of fabric to see how they looked with my posies.

I also went to my favorite bakery, Companion Bread Outlet, and picked up a few pastries.  Then I invited a friend over to share my flowers and my sweet treats.

I got one of everything so we cut them in half and shared.  In case you are is strawberry.

We talked and enjoyed the early morning sun and the beauty of having no where else to be for that time.

There is such delight in enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

I would love to be sitting in Paris having my coffee at a sidewalk cafe, but seriously, I was just as happy sitting right here without the jet lag.

It is true that you can choose to be happy where ever you are.

My friend, Vicki, helped to host a design event earlier this week and I helped her wrap some packages in wallpaper for the tables.  I thought they would be a nice prop for some pictures so she brought them over.

Yes, it is the year for that color called honeysuckle.

One last thing.  There is a little more to the knock-knock.  After the remains of the sale were gathered up and put away, I sat down to check the mail that had arrived earlier.  I'm always excited when a new magazine arrives and this time it was the May/June issue of Garden Design. 

And right there in the middle of the magazine were my flowers.

I pulled one out of my bouquet and laid it on the page.  Am I right?

Maybe they aren't David Austin's but they sure look the same,
Simply Beautiful

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