Thursday, May 26, 2011

Triple Surprise

Just have to share with you a "knock-knock" that came from a co-worker.  Those little unexpected surprises are the best!  And this one came in three sizes.

My co-worker, Jo, is my age and these were her mother's.  Without giving actual numbers here, I think you can guess they are up there in age.  Jo is making room in her kitchen cabinets and generously gifted them to me.

I love the color combination and have been thinking how I might play with those colors in other ways.

But for now, I will just enjoy looking at my new bowls.
(thank you, Jo)

PS:  I will soon have more time to tinker and more time to blog about my tinkering. so posts will be more frequent.  Yes, I have given notice at my job.  I will soon be free to explore those things I'm most passionate about.  And those things will most certainly become subject matter for this blog. 

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