Friday, May 27, 2011

Project Therapy

When the lack of enthusiasm bug bites it's nice to have friends who provide the remedy for motivation.  Recently a long time friend visited me from the Chicago area and brought me two framed prints.

I'm a sucker for depictions of interiors and my friend knows me well.

She purchased these from a resale shop in her area called Jubilee Furniture.
A few days after she presented them to me, I was with a designer friend in her basement when I noticed a piece of fabric that I thought might look good with the colors in my new wall art.  She graciously gave me the piece.

Two friends, two gifts and together they become my inspiration for another project.  First I needed a chair for the fabric.  I had a couple in my stash that might work.

I considered this one and I still think it would have been a good choice but I also knew I could use this in another way that might be better for this chair.

So I opted for this one.  Everyone knows what has to happen next but I will give you the quick run down.

Remove the seat.  Sand and clean the frame.

I rescued this chair from the curb quite some time ago and I was just waiting for the right opportunity to pull it into use.

The old upholstery was removed.

And a million or so staples were removed as well.

The frame was painted a glossy black.

The seat was in the process of being covered in the fine new fabric when my stapler just quit!  No, not jammed just done for. 

The only option was to buy a new stapler and get the job done.

With that part completed I turned to the frames.

I decided to paint the outer and inner borders of the frames black.  I also had to replace the cracked glass in one of the frames.

I was happy with the way that turned out so I reassembled and hung them in the only place I could in my home. (They are destined for the new place whenever that happens.)

I really should have waited until I painted the two drawer chest that will go below the pictures and completed the accessories.  But, who knows when that will be.  So, poor lighting and all, this is it.  One day soon this will all be in a better location and decked out.  At that point, I'll photograph it again for the blog.  I have linked to:

                                                   .Furniture Feature Fridays


  1. They look great together.
    Glad the fabric worked out.

  2. ok somehow I missed this blog post! That chair is adorable and looks so great with the pictures.