Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cheap Date

I consider myself a "cheap date" because I can be entertained for hours for very little money.  That's one of the reasons I take myself out and the same reason I take myself to flea markets and yard sales.  This particular date was a church rummage sale where I spent one dollar on myself.  That $1 kept me busy for hours planning and executing what I wanted to do with this.

I rather liked it just the way it was but that seemed too simple.  Besides I'm not in the rustic mode right now.

A little clean up was in order followed by a primer coat.

The outside recieved a nice shiny silver galvanized look.

The inside a couple coats of a teal blue called SHOCK TURQUOISE from Montana Gold Paints.  (actually more shocking than my moniter registers.)

Flipped open it seemed to call out for lettering, don't you think?

Me too!  I like this font, especially the "g" and I really did think that hydrangeas would look bountiful in this container.  Now, the wait was on for the hydrangeas to bloom.  There was a wet Spring snow on the ground the day I found this little box so the wait was a while.

Here we are in the first week of June when the hydrangeas should be bursting forth with big round faces in a full range of shades of pink and blue.  Something like the ones I remember from last year.

Like this.
And this!...Allow me just one more.

Instead they are struggling to hold their heads up in 93-99 degree heat day after day after day.  Mother Nature is at it again.  I have five bushes and from those I was able to find enough for a bouquet.  I plopped them in some cool water and left them overnight.  They sucked up most of the water in the pitcher and looked a lot healthier for it.

Not as vibrant and perky as last year but they are doing their best for the photo shoot. 

Remember, it is still in the mid-nineties today when this shot was taken.

I think I appreciate them even more because they tried so hard to live up to their reputation.  In a way that makes them even more beautiful.

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  1. Love they hydrangeas and the toolbox with the turquoise inside. How did you do the lettering? With a Cricut? Silhouette?