Sunday, August 21, 2011

Repertory Theatre Apartments

It has been awhile since I have done a painting project with parameters not of my own making. This one came to me with creative license and enough guidelines to stretch my imagination.

My friend, Vicki Dreste, is doing one of the apartments in the Repertory Theatre Showcase Project. Fourteen apartments are being renovated and decorated by local interior designers for a Showcase sponsored by St. Louis At Home Magazine that opens to the public on Aug. 27th.

My assignment is to make this lampshade work in a bedroom with a dark brown headboard, neutral cream colored bedspread and these fabrics and artwork.

Several ideas have been mulled over and rejected for one reason or another. These apartments will be occupied by visiting actors and directors following the showcase event.  So along with the color boundaries already established, it is important to keep it gender neutral.  Some of what is taking place in the other rooms of this apartment can be seen on Vicki's blog.

I started by painting the inside of the lampshade.
The color is called Terra Cotta and was a good compliment to the plaid fabric.

Because I was given two matching lampshades, I tested my outside color choice on the other shade.  Since I was almost out of Terra Cotta paint, I thought that might save me from screwing up the first one.

I brushed on a metallic paint from Blue Pearl called Coco Boca.  Although I have not seen the headboard, I'm hoping they work together.  At least the chocolate metallic works well with the brushed nickel base.
I debated for awhile about what to do next and finally settled on a shell stencil.  I decided to keep going with this shade as the test model.

I used Charred Lemon Gold metallic as my stencil color which worked well with the drapery fabric.  Now the question was:  Stop with one shell pattern or use my other shell stencils on the other three sides?  Given the simplicity of the room in general, Vicki and I agreed to stop with one.

Simple?  Finished?
Not quite!

Turns out the Terra Cotta cast a lovely glow when the lamp was lit but did not give off enough light for reading.  So that idea was nixed.

The Coco Boca color looked great when the lamp was turned off.

But when lit the shade became too transparent.  Since the Terra Cotta shade was out of the picture, that meant second coating this one and losing the stencil....for now.  Turns out it needed a couple more coats to get the desired coverage.

The shell was reapplied and given three coats as well.

I gave it the light bulb test and it passed.

Things are taking shape at the showcase apts.  Just 5 more days until opening night.

The bedroom is looking good.

My small contribution is in place.  Now I'm looking forward to the weekend when all the apartments will be on display.

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