Friday, September 16, 2011

Window advertising

You know how that thing that lands last on your heap of potential projects becomes the next thing you tackle?  Well, it happened again.  I don't have a good explanation for why it happens.  But I know it is a common phenomenon.  Here is the top of my heap as of last week.

My brother had these in the back of his truck and gave me a shot at them before they landed in the dumpster.  Without even the slightest hesitation, I grabbed them.  I don't know what I thought I would do with them but....that really never stops me.  I sometimes think friends and family don't even offer me some things because they know I won't say, no, and they feel like they should save me from myself.  But in this case, they did come and they stayed.

They rested a couple of days at the front of the heap and then I started thinking that cleaning them up and painting a couple might be therapeutic.  That way I could think about my other 1/2 finished projects while I did something simple.

An orangey shade first.  A dark brown top coat followed by rubbing back to expose the base color.
Then came my attempt at lettering.  I spied this antique invoice on  The Graphics Fairy.

There was also a link to the portion I wanted that was printable in the mirror image. 

Ya gotta love the The Graphics Fairy.
So much for the easy part.

I knew going into this part of the project that the paint would not just flow off the brush creating smooth, even lettering.  Distressing and mottling, smooshing and overlapping is how I generally work with paint.  But when you have no experience there is only one way to get it.  It was an experiment that convinced me I need to gather some information on sign painting.  I need a class or two and I need lots of practice.  But, if you don't look closely, it's passable.

You can't read it, you say.  Ok, a little closer look, I suppose.

I do have plans to try again.  I saw a girl at the paint store buying One Shot so I struck up a conversation with her.  Turns out she does pin striping and lettering.  I have her card!   

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