Monday, January 9, 2012

Addiction Friction

Have you seen that little red bar at the top of my blog?  It is responsible for hours of my life this past week that have disappeared without explanation.  Pushing this button allows me to slip into a magical picture world that indulges all my addictions. 

The second thing that has kept me from posting is that I am working on 4 new projects all at the same time and none of them are ready for a full post.

I found this one on New Year's Day.  Believe me (or wait for the full post), this was not an easy task to get it this far.  Horsehair, dirt, batting, dust, springs, twine and lots of tacks.  There are some surprises on this one that I'll share when it is finished.  I have not chosen the fabric yet so ideas are welcome.

This was a little easier to dismantle.  However, instead of tacks this one had really long staples and I still have a few to go.  I got impatient and started painting.  I do have the fabric for this one and the seat and the back are two different fabrics.  Can't wait to see it finished.

It hardly makes any sense to show the third one since I evidently forgot to take a before picture.  I cannot believe it, but it might be true.  I will keep looking but in the meantime here is the fourth one.

I started ripping this one apart and then remembered to snap an "in progress" shot. I don't have a name for the green paint as I adjusted it to fit the fabric.  No more clues! ( I would prefer the before shot at the top and the green one lower but after fighting blogger for awhile I gave up deciding you could figure it out.)

The third distraction is snagit.  My son installed this on my computer along with photoshop and I am thrilled!  However, there is a small hangup in that I don't know how to use either one.  Without divulging too much, let me say that computers came along after I hit the mid-century mark so mastering photoshop is a HUGE undertaking.  I decided to start with snagit.  I'm going to practice some of what I've learned here using pictures from pinterest.  (somehow that makes all those hours perusing other people's boards seem more legitimate or shall we say, useful.

Probably not the best choice for a blog on painted furniture but it got your attention, right?  Creating a ragged edge is probably the easiest technique on snagit, but getting this picture from snagit to my blog took me longer.  I did it once after listening to the tutorial.  Then, when I tried to do it again, I kept trying to add a step and it wouldn't work.  I guess I thought it should be more difficult and I definately made it more difficult.  (I have two chairs just like these and I'm trying to decide how to paint them.  I don't think they will be pink but then again, who knows.)  PS: The ragged edge runs up the right side of picture in edit but when posted it gets cut off.  So, another thing to remember when laboring over a photo in snagit... part of your labors may be lost in the published post
Some things here I meant to do like pointing arrows at the details on the furniture.  I also meant to blur what was on top of the dresser.  Somehow I got something else above the dresser and could not figure out how to remove it so I put the bubble over the top of it.  I know I'm going to love this tool once I figure it out.  Just for the record, this is not second nature for me so stop laughing. (By the way, that line over the word "work", I don't know where it came from and am choosing to ignore it for now.)

Nothing spectacular here because I can't show you all the possibilites I explored but have not mastered yet.  One day, I WILL make this tool work for me.  Thanks for sticking with me through this post.  This was my way of letting you know I'm not loafing when you don't see a post for week.

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  1. I am trying my hand at reupholstering a chair--it has seventy-five gazillion staples. People want to know where my projects are--well, they're in the attic, waiting for me to finish digging out all the staples so I can get on with my life!