Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post 2012

To start the year off on a good note, I thought it would be best to do only those things I really like doing.  Early morning was spent on Pinterest. (no need to disclose how long because today anything goes)  My next indulgence was coffee at Gelateria del Leone, my favorite morning stop.  I swung by Black Bear Bakery for an expresso biscotti. Now I was fully prepared to spend a few hours cruising the neighborhoods.

Pictures of doorways captured my interest for awhile.

I had to remove a flyer rubber banded to this doorknob before I could take the picture. 

The bright green of this one seemed so cheerful, I couldn't pass it up.

And this one was so sweet and welcoming..

I just had to Zoom In.

Simple square wreaths on these doors struck me as interesting, creative, and PERFECT!

Doors with this much character do not need adornment.

This neighborhood has no shortage of painted doors.

So I walked the streets taking lots of pictures.

I won't show each and every one.

Just a couple of the more delicately painted ones.

The tree branches were casting shadows on this beauty but I still couldn't resist the turquoise.

With the red on the door, the greenery on the fence was all that was needed.

I'll slip in one more tear drop door.

This will be the last painted lady before moving on to another neighborhood.

But it does deserve a closeup.

Opps!  One more on my way out.

In this neighborhood we find homes of a very different style.

Still beautiful in a different way.

There were a couple that were on the wrong side of the street for a good picture.

But I couldn't pass them by.

During all this cruising around I managed to multi-task by taking the alleys here and there.  Alley shopping is at the top of my favorites list.

My first score was this stepladder.  Obviously not for practical purposes.  With one leg slightly shorter than the rest, it would be a prop only.  But it was dilapitated in a really good way and I was happy to have it.

This next piece really surprised me.  I could not believe my luck.

I pulled this away from some other trash half expecting it to be broken in some way.  But, it is in great shape!  This is definately going to be a good year!!

I was way excited with this gift.  It's a fine chair but it's also my GOOD OMEN.

I wound down my day having a lovely dinner with friends at Basil Spice.  It was a perfect day and a fine start for the new year.

I wish for all of you what I anticipate for myself, a year filled with successful endeavers, joyful encounters, and pleasant surprises.


  1. These doors are SO cool! Are they in St. Lousi? And the chair!! SCORE! Good for you!

  2. Wow!
    Okay--what city are you in, 'cause a couple of those doors looked familiar?!
    **I have chair-envy!