Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weigh in on Pinterest

Spending less time on pinterest is like going on a diet.  The more you tell yourself ice cream pinning is off limits, the more you are drawn to the refrigerator computer.
My solution is to call it something else.  Research is a pretty lofty, respectable word.  So my post today is about my research of old fashioned scales.

I can't say anything about what isn't on pinterest, but whatever I'm looking for seems to be there.  Isn't the color on this one great?

This one is a little different.  Alone it's cute but with the lucious looking cherries it's "over the top" darling.

Hard to tell if this scale really works as I doubt that rose weighs much.

Here is a quirky little number.  Wish I could find one like this.

This is pretty typical of the scales I have seen.

This one, however, is quite unique.

I think scales like these make the most charming kitchen accessories.

Cookies don't weigh as much as zuccini.  I think I should eat more cookies.

There is a point to all this research.

I am observing how these little cuties are photographed so I can photograph my personal scales.

Don't you think this one is enhanced by the blue in the background?

And this one with a little doily showing makes it...well, just more friendly.

Without the blue eggs this one might just look like a pile a rust with a needle.

Since this one is in such good condition, there isn't much to give it charm.  That's what flowers and the copper pot are for.

Because this one has a lot going on all by itself, there was no need to create a vignette.

So what have I learned from all this heavy researching?

First lesson:  More is a waste!  Edit, edit, edit.

I learned that close ups allow the scale itself to be the focal point.  Ok, maybe the photo in the frame takes a little attention.  It was taken by a photographer friend.  More of her work can be seen here.

With this one I was trying to get rid of shadows and convince myself that not everything gets to be in the shot.  (I found this one at St. Vincent De Paul thrift shop.)

I had to remind myself to stay focused.  I'm a little partial to the tray and those plums are fine looking and together they are great...but, it's about the scale.  I didn't exactly meet my goal here but, it is in the foreground even if one side is a little dark.

With this one, I edited out a couple props before I started shooting and I used the zoom right off.   This scale was a totally unexpected gift from a friend....the best kind!  Now for the last one.

This took some jumping through hoops to get the light where I needed it.

And in the end, I chose the one with shadows.  By the way, this actually is a scale to weigh pennies.   It looks like I have about $2 on the scale if I subtract the container.

For you accomplished photographers out there, my hat is off to you.

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