Monday, February 13, 2012

From A-Z, that's me.

Happy Valentine's Day!
I thought about what this day means for me and of course the people I love came to mind first.  Then I started thinking about the things I love and the things I love to do.  I thought I would share some of those today.

I decided I better limit myself in some way or this could go on forever.  So I chose to use the alphabet as a guide.

A is for Architecture

B is for balconies

C is for chandeliers

D is for DIY projects
(I chose decoupage to stay with "d" but I could  do a-z here too.)

E is for espresso
(It's what makes the rest of this list possible.)

F is for French doors
(both exterior and interior)

G is for glass doorknobs

H is for Hydrangeas 
(dried are beautiful too)

I is for iron gates

J is for jars
(and pitchers, bottles, and other containers.)

K is for knobs and pulls

L is for lilacs
(the fragrance is heavenly)

M is for mirrors

N is for napkin folding
(and all that goes with setting a nice table)

O is for old house restoration

P is for pantries
(and painted furniture because they are equally loved)

Q is for Quan Yin

R is for rustic

S is for serving pretty food to guests

T is for ticking and toile

U is for upcycle

V is for vintage
(from autos to typewriters)

W is for wrapping pretty packages

X is for Xmas decorating

Y is for yesterday
(someone's yesterday is my tomorrow)
(flea markets and yard sales make it possible)

 Z is for Zoom In              
( blog that allows me to talk about everything from A-Z)

More of what I love can be seen by pressing the red pinterest button at the beginning  of this post.


  1. This sure does capture all the things that you love! Very creative post.

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