Friday, February 24, 2012

A Dirty Filty Estate Sale

I have been making an effort to stay away from thrift stores and other places that might tempt me to accumulate more neat stuff.  Why?  Why would I do that?  Well the fact is, I have my house on the market and it is getting difficult to find places to stash my loot and not look like a hoarder.  But I subscribe to a feed that tells me about estate sales being held within a 60 mile radius.  I rarely travel very far for a sale with the price of gas and all.  However, there was one today that was within a few miles of home and I couldn't tell myself, NO!

It was in a 4000 square foot three story building.  Nothing was priced .  It was one of those..."make a pile and we'll quote you a price.  The bigger the pile the better the price."    In fact, that is exactly how they advertised it so I knew the rules before I left home.  Optimist that I am, I was convinced that meant I could make a huge pile and get it really cheap.

Stuff was helter skelter.  It was filthy dirty and the place was a maze of rooms with some floors a few steps lower that the room next to it.  I did not even go to the basement.  I'm pretty curious but this time I got over it real fast.

My pile started with the pictures you see here.  I separated these after I got home.  They were entangled and I thought they were all a part of one item.  What exactly that item was, I wasn't sure although I had some idea.

Obviously they would need some repair to be of any service.  Not sure what I can do with these.

Five pieces in all.  Probably useless but I can always figure out something to do with the rings.

These you are seeing exactly as they came home with me.  They did clean up nicely.  Notice that the labels are slightly different for the same product.  The prices on the lids read 59 cents and 63 cents so I suppose they updated the label along the line.  Prices didn't jump by $1 in one shot like they do now.  I think the handles are what sold me.

I can't justify buying these except to say I got caught up in the moment.

These will probably be the item of the soon as a good idea hits me.

These measure 18" inches in diameter.

In case you can't tell these glass saucers are for a ceiling light fixture.  There were no parts with them but I thought they were pretty and I should be able to make them work.  One has a crack but I took it anyway since that's how they were selling things.  These were a unit and don't even try to argue with that.

As I was driving home I remembered there was something in one of the rooms that I had intended to go back and look at when my hands were not full.  It was folded up and behind  some other things.  I stopped for my coffee and thought about it for a couple swigs before I headed back.  

This is what I took home with me.  It stands 6 1/2 feet high.

It is covered with, not one, but two layers of contact paper.

 It will take some doing to remove because it is coming off in very tiny pieces...wouldn't you know.  However, I think the metal inserts are going to be stunning when painted some gorgeous color.

Here is a closeup of the pattern in the metal.

And a close up shot of the layers of contact paper

I saved this for last because I don't really know what it is .  It is made of metal and has a little glass knob in the center.  I'm hoping someone can tell me what it was for or how it was used.

There are actually two of them and who can pass up a pair of anything?

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