Saturday, March 3, 2012


About a year ago I became very enamored with the houndstooth pattern.  I had two big beautiful wing chairs that I thought would look stunning in an oversized houndstooth pattern but not in the traditional white and black.

I wanted fuchsia and soft white.

Getting the right fabric content in the right size pattern and the right color just was not happening, but I kept looking. 

You know how it goes when you have your mind on something in particular.

You are so aware of it that you start seeing it in places you might never have noticed before.  Purses...

hats, scarfs, gloves and ...


Accessorizing with houndstooth was getting popular, or so it seemed.

 There was the rain gear.

And of course the jackets, coats, skirts, etc. for women. 

Although not recommended to be worn all at the same time.


I saw many tastefully executed garments and accessories ...

Then I started seeing it other places too.

Bedding and pillows jumped on the bandwagon.

Nail polish wanted a chance in the spotlight.

Adn then the Marthas of the world grabbed their share with cupcake liners, napkins, aprons, napkin rings,  and even...


Home interiors was where this all started for me so...

A piece of furniture didn't startle me too much.  Lampshades and rugs were  part of that package too.  But this took the cake.

I'm just goofy enough  to put this in my driveway.

But slowly that huge desire I had for houndstooth began to fade.  Maybe that's a good thing.  It might just open my eyes to something new and wonderful.  And if the urge strikes me again, I'll just remember this post and this  picture.

That should give me pause.

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