Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last In First Out

Was I looking for a lamp when I bought this one?  NO.  Was I even shopping when I found it?  NO.  I was driving along with my sister in the car when suddenly I made a quick right turn.  My car tends to swerve when it spots a yard sale sign.

It was late afternoon when most yard sales have closed up shop but there were a few items left and this was one of them.

Yesterday I was helping my sister shop for a light fixture and I found this shade.
The perfect size for my little floor lamp and not a bad price as lamp shades go.

So today I pondered the color I wanted for the base.  I thought about black, and chocolate brown and antique bronze and red and... the shade you say?  Oh, no matter.   That shade could get recovered or even painted too.

I finally settled on Chrome....for now.  The fact that I already had the paint was the determining factor.

The cross braces on the shade were bright gold so I gave them a squirt of chrome paint too.

A relatively quick and easy makeover. 

It did not even need to be rewired.  If only all redos were that simple.

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